Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday Wish List No. 13

Happy Wednesday, friends!

In honor of Polka Dotted Blue Jay's third birthday, I thought it was only appropriate to round up another batch of my favorite Anthropologie items as well as some similar items (read: less expensive) for the second Anthro Hack here on the blog. Hooray!

Now onto the pretties!

1. There is just something I love about cozy chairs. If I ever have a foyer, you had better believe there will be a cozy chair or chaise nearby! And a tufted chair? I am practically giddy. The Orianna from Anthropologie actually comes in several pretty colors and I am digging the sapphire right now. The Devon from World Market is a steal at under $200 and I love the funky front legs!

2. Are these two twins or what? The Anthro pillow versus the Etsy one - the main difference is the price point, wouldn't you agree?

3. Anthropologie has a section online for gifts (under house & home on the main page) with lots of fun party supplies, including THIS tassel garland. When I found THIS one on Etsy I couldn't believe I actually liked it more than the Anthropologie one! The addition of gold is divine and at almost 60 percent less than the Anthro version, I would choose Etsy any day of the week!

4. Anthropologie's beverage caddy is a darker stain, but the World Market version comes with an attached bottle opener. That's a no-brainer in my book. A cute picnic tote with built in utensil! Winning!

5. Anthroplogie Zinc letters retail for a billion dollars. Ok, not quite a billion dollars but the price point made me do a double take. They are beautiful and everything, but I am more inclined to go the Etsy route and pick up these ones from A Fresh Coat of Paint or even do them myself!

6. I honestly couldn't decide which monogram hook I preferred. The Anthro ceramic ones or the ones I discovered at World Market (I am sensing a HUGE trend that many of my Anthro-Hack finds are coming  from World Market.)

7. Every lady needs a bar cart in her house! Without a bar cart, how would I make a martini? Without a martini, how would I greet my man at the door? And without that, what would be the point of donning and adorable dress and apron to greet him? Yes, I am an extremely old soul. This bar cart from Anthro would be lovely, but I also adore the one I found on Etsy for a fraction of the price even with shipping!

8. In an effort to snap myself out of the 1950's stupor from number seven, I picked a necklace that wasn't exactly pearls. But let's be real, I adore pearls, and the 50's for that matter, and wear my earrings almost every day and have a half dozen necklaces. The multiple strands on the Anthropologie necklace are striking, but the Forever21 version is lovely too.

I love finding less expensive versions of some of my favorite Anthro items and I hope you do too.

If you can't help yourself and you MUST have the $198 "You Are My Sunshine" pillow, I will help you out with an Anthropologie coupon. It is the least I can do. 

Happy Wednesday friends, the weekend is in sight!

This post is not sponsored, but it does contain affiliate links which result in an affiliate commission. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own, as I only recommend items I personally love.


  1. Love those bar carts!!!! Great job!

    1. I totally thought of you when I saw them. I think you NEED one. ;0)

  2. Who knew that World Market had such great Anthro hacks?!? Great list! And that pillow- SHEESH!! I can't believe the price of it!!

  3. my husband just made a beer caddy this weekend!

    1. Elizabeth - I saw it on your Week's End post - it looks amazing! Isn't it nice to have a handy fella around? :0)