About Me

Hi friends!

My name is Elise and Polka Dotted Blue Jay is where I write about the people and things I love.

I live in Southern California - about an hour away from the beach, desert, mountains and Disneyland. It is commuting perfection!

I work hard Monday through Friday at my "real" job as an accounting clerk and I am [finally] getting my undergraduate degree in Public Relations at California Baptist University.

I organize everything by color, genre and importance in order to keep my sanity and I utterly love unwinding on the weekends with my amazing boyfriend fiance HUSBAND!

I met my wonderful man, Houston, during a chance encounter on a Metrolink train while commuting to work. He interjected his opinion in a conversation, I got sassy, and the rest is history. Read the mushy stuff HERE or HERE.

Union Station Engagement Photos Los Angeles

Houston has always loved to travel and now we are setting off on adventures together! We love exploring new (and old) locations and enjoying what the world has to offer outside of sunny Southern California.

Welcome to Polka Dotted Blue Jay! I hope you stay awhile and let’s be friends!

Want to know how this all began? In 2011 one of my best friends commissioned me to make a "card holder thingy" for her wedding. That project snowballed out of control and, lucky for me, Polka Dotted Blue Jay was born! Read the whole story and find the beginning HERE.


  1. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, if you so choose: http://calculatedchaos.net/2014/09/18/liebster-award/

    Please do not feel obligated in any way, if it is not your thing. . . BUT, I thought it'd be fun!! :D

  2. Just stumbled across your blog on Bloglovin'. I love it and will definitely be sticking around to hear more from you!

    1. Thank you, Emily! That just made this Monday so much better! :)

  3. The story of how you met your husband is amazing!! Nice to "meet' you Elise! Excited to follow along!

    1. Thanks Joey! I am pretty nuts about our love story. :)

      It is nice to "meet" you too.