30 While I'm 30

In March 2014 I turned 30 years old. I was dreading my birthday and when the day finally arrived, I barely allowed my friends and family to acknowledge the day.

I cried a little and then decided I would accomplish 30 things while I'm 30 – might as well try to be positive about it, right? You can see the original post HERE.

Here is the list with the completed dates or you can check out this post if you want to see photos!

1.     Use my passport! (Italy!!! September 24 - October 3, 2014)
2.     Get serious about my fitness. – Lose 15 pounds.
3.     Run/jog a 5K just for “fun”.
4.     Take a ballet class.
5.     Stay in bed for one whole day! (5/26/14 - Memorial Day Weekend - Had a wonderful and lazy Monday off work!)
6.     Take a cooking class – specifically to learn how to use knives.
7.     Have a picnic and a nap in a park on a sunny day. (3/14/15 - Nap time at the Getty with the D'Angelo family)   
8.     Go to the drive-in movie for the first time.
9.     Learn to bake a pie… from scratch!
10.   Buy some fun colored pants.
11.   Start a Bible study... and finish it.
12.   Kayaking in Long Beach. (7/12/14 Houston and I had a blast - no waterproof camera = no photo proof, dang it.)
13.   Visit the San Diego Zoo. (11/8/14 - We had a ton of fun with the Wilsons!)
14.   Visit the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles.
15.   Go to Disneyland… because I love that place. (12/19/14 - A magical day)
16.   Whale Watching!
17.   Have fun at the Santa Monica pier.
18.   Get a hammock for Houston’s back yard. Take a nap in said hammock. Partial credit for hammock-laying in Florida (3/18/15)!
19.   Take a photo class with Houston.
20.   Thank a U.S. Veteran for their service every time I see a hat/jacket/etc. On-going.
21.   Get more massages! On-going (yeah!)
22.   Take a train ride somewhere other than the Metrolink to work.
23.   Finally learn to use my sewing machine.
24.   Complete a 30-day Instagram challenge. (Completed Jenny's #letteritfebruary challenge)
25.   Go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market.
26.   Build a snow man.
27.   Use my Rosetta Stone to keep up with French.
28.   Watch the entire FRIENDS series. 
29.   Write another 100 blog posts in a year. -- almost! I missed it by 18.
30.   Make a new habit by doing something for 30 days straight.  


  1. Okay this is encouraging. I might do something like this before my 25th birthday though!

  2. Just came across your blog! I was attracted to it because of the blue jay...I love birdies :)
    I LOVE that taking a ballet class is on your list! I've been doing ballet for years, and I love it when adult beginner students come in to take class. It really is an amazing form of exercise, even though it's pretty tough and it requires serious focus to remember EVERYTHING that goes into it, haha. I encourage you to try it! Find an adult ballet class in your area and go for it!

    Blessings, Emily

    1. Hi Emily!
      Long ago I was a ballerina and would love to take class again. Someday. :)
      Thank you for stopping by!

  3. I just stumbled across your blog on a link up at Oak and Oats.... I love your list, have you crossed anything else off in the last few months?

    1. Hi Mo! I just saw your comment!

      Sadly, no... I haven't crossed off a single thing. Lame, huh?

      On the top of my list: fitness! -- Gotta get in shape for my wedding! :)

  4. I love this idea! I turned 30 this year, the year is halfway over, but maybe I should come up with one! :D A 30 in my 30s would be great to do, too!