Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Thankful For Sweet People Like You - Candy Jar

Thankful for sweet people like you candy jar #candy #thankyougift #thankyou

It is no secret that I have a sweet tooth and very little self control. If you host a holiday party and put a bowl of M&M's in front of me, you can bet they will be gone before you serve cocktails.

Along with my insatiable sugar cravings is my love for mason jars. Yes, I realize they are totally trendy and everybody is using them for weddings, crafts and anything else you can imagine, but I love mason jars.

Houston recently enlisted my help with a design for his Etsy shop to design a graphic that said "Thankful for sweet people like you" and I was more than happy to assist with some hand lettering. - I often wonder if I missed a calling in my life to do calligraphy or hand lettering as a career. I am always doodling and have always loved perfecting my handwriting.

Thankful for sweet people like you candy jar #candy #thankyougift #thankyou

Once I got the hang of using the stylus on Houston's Surface, I doodled about a dozen images of the word "Sweet" for his project. Digital doodling is a whole different world than doodling in my spiral notebooks!

Houston took the "S" from one doodle and combined it with another doodle to make the word "sweet". As an added bonus he even spliced in a flourish from doodle number three. He is one talented fella.

Thankful for sweet people like you candy jar #candy #thankyougift #thankyou

I think the Thankful for sweet people like you graphic is lovely and it was perfect to use with a mason jar filled with Rolo candies!

Do you have anyone who has been especially sweet to you recently?  Make them a little thank you gift to show you appreciate them!  You can find the graphic in Houston's Etsy shop HERE and be sure to send him an email if you need the graphic in another color!

Now tell me: how would you use this thankful for sweet people like you graphic?

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