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Disney Survival Bag - Everything You Need For A Day At Disney

Disney Survival Bag full of Disneyland Essentials #Disney #Disneyland #familyvacation

Three years ago I made a Disney Survival Bag for the first time Houston and I went to Disneyland together. I was so excited to give him the bag and get on our way to the park that I totally forgot to take photos of the bag in all its glory and used my cell phone pictures for the blog post (cringes).

So I figured it was time to re-create the bag and photograph it properly - and then maybe leave it on the counter until we go to Disneyland later this year. I kid, I kid... Maybe.

Side note: our annual Disneyland day this year will be our first one as husband and wife and I am so excited out about it. Bring me all the "Mrs. Laney" ears you can find!

I used a lot of the same supplies from my previous post, but I figured I would re-list them for convenience sake.

What you need to make your Disney Survival Bag:

Project Supplies:                                                                     
White gift bag (or any color you would like)                      
Cardstock (white and Disney printed)                                 
Assorted Ribbon                                                                        
Hot Glue Gun                                                                           
Tape Runner                                                                              
Download the "Waltograph" font                                        
Bag Supplies:   
Admission Ticket
Water Bottle
Mickey Sunscreen
Fruit Snacks
Sanitizer Wipes
Hand Sanitizer
Pen and notepad

Decorating your Disney Survival Bag:

The first thing I did was print HOUSTON on white paper in the Waltograph font and then I cut around the letters with my scissors to give it a fun "bubble" look.

Disney Survival Bag full of Disneyland Essentials #Disney #Disneyland #familyvacation

I used my tape runner to tape my name cut out to bright red cardstock rectangle the width of the bag and then glued it with my tape runner near the center of the bag.

I added a Mickey balloon die-cut from an old paper pack (probably left over from when I worked at Disneyland in 2002) to add some magic to the front of the bag. Stickers or other embellishments are totally fair game for your Disney Survival Bag.

Disney Survival Bag full of Disneyland Essentials #Disney #Disneyland #familyvacation

Disney Survival Bag full of Disneyland Essentials #Disney #Disneyland #familyvacation

Next I decorated the handle of the bag with some red dot ribbon and black and white gingham ribbon. I cut small chunks of ribbon (about 2.5" each) but didn't try to be very specific. Place a small drop of hot glue near the middle of the ribbon and wrap it around the handle of the bag, connecting the two ends of the ribbon together. I made my handle asymmetrical so when I grabbed the bag I wouldn't smash the ribbon, but you could make the ribbon go all the way around too!

Disney Survival Bag full of Disneyland Essentials #Disney #Disneyland #familyvacation

Then it was time to decorate the items that would be going into the bag! I added a strip of Mickey Mouse cardstock around the water bottle, sunscreen and sanitizer wipes.

Shop Disney's Frozen Finds

I also found a Mickey pen and notepad to peek out of the top of the bag. It would be a great present if you plan on getting Disney character autographs!

Additional items to include in your bag:
Especially if you are having to travel for more than an hour and with small children:

Hidden Mickey's book - and then try to find them at the park!
Coloring book and stickers
Mickey Band-aids
Mickey Lip Balm
Mickey Mouse Plush -- save some cash and purchase toys and souvenirs BEFORE getting to the park!

Disney Survival Bag full of Disneyland Essentials #Disney #Disneyland #familyvacation

You can decorate your Disney Survival Bag with any character you would like; Minnie Mouse, Frozen or Lightning McQueen would all be other great options! - Maybe I will have to make some other options just for fun.

Disney Survival Bag full of Disneyland Essentials #Disney #Disneyland #familyvacation

Now, don't forget to include your admission ticket in your survival bag and get out there, make some memories and have a magical day!

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