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Car Care With Yankee Candle® Air Fresheners

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Car Care With Yankee Candle Air Fresheners #LoveAmericanHome #ad #carcare
Sometimes life throws you a curve ball you end up spending a whole lot of time in your car driving around with the back seat full of miscellaneous stuff.

If you have been following along in our wedding planning journey, then you know that my living arrangements at the moment are a little flip-floppy. My apartment lease expired in March and my parents allowed me to move back home for the remaining months before our wedding so I wouldn't have to sign a new lease.

We moved all of my stuff to Houston house on my birthday weekend (super fun) and we moved me, my toiletries, and clothes to my parents. It has been such a tremendous blessing to stay at their house but it has had its challenges. I keep getting ready and not having elements of my wardrobe - I needed a scarf and it is at Houston's. I needed a necklace for a date night dinner and it was at my parent's. I cannot WAIT for me and all my belongings to be in one place again!

Car Care With Yankee Candle Air Fresheners #LoveAmericanHome #ad #carcare

One of the biggest adjustments is being further away from Houston's house again. It was so convenient to live 12 minutes away for the year in my studio apartment and I am NOT enjoying the 40 minute drive right now. - Especially since I am generally tired on the way home and struggling to stay awake (cue some Disney soundtracks and open windows!)

Also, it seems like there is a never-ending pile of stuff in the back of my car. This is really a problem since I have a tiny 2-door hatchback with practically no trunk. Gym bag, wedding decor, computer printer, you name it and I have been carting it around town and in-between places. I have had more than one co-worker comment about the quantity of stuff they can see through the windows of my car in the parking lot.

Naturally, keeping my car clean hasn't been easy with everything stuffed in the back, but I have managed to at least keep it smelling clean with Yankee Candle® air fresheners! Side note: why do moving boxes smell so terrible? They are especially horrible when they have been in my car for more than a day in the hot Southern California sun. Yuck.

Here are a couple methods for containing the chaos in my car:
  • I keep a paper grocery bag (don't worry it gets recycled) in the back seat as a catch all for my empty water bottles. - Then I recycle those bottles. 
  • Re-use a grocery bag as a trash bag - empty regularly!
Car Care With Yankee Candle Air Fresheners #LoveAmericanHome #ad #carcare
  • Leave a tote bag, or two, in the car so when stuff begins to accumulate (I am looking at you, six pairs of shoes) it is easy to throw them in the tote and haul them in the house where they belong. - But be sure to actually put them away and not leave them in the tote bag on the floor for a week (#guilty).
Car Care With Yankee Candle Air Fresheners #LoveAmericanHome #ad #carcare
  • Delicious fragrances from Yankee Candle® air fresheners to eliminate the boxes/shoes/I-ate-in-my-car, smells.
Car Care With Yankee Candle Air Fresheners #LoveAmericanHome #ad #carcare
  • Stop by the do-it-yourself car wash on a day where the mountains of stuff is particularly small and vacuum that mess. My center console and floor mats are notorious for being filled with crumbs, bobby pins and french fry crumbs.
I am obsessed with the Pink Sands fragrance from Yankee Candle® and can't help but dream about Houston and my upcoming tropical honeymoon. Get me in a hammock and a mimosa, stat!

I picked up my Yankee Candle® Air Fresheners from my local Walmart on the automotive aisle (not in the home section) - you know, the aisle that smells like car tires. The air fresheners were located on the end of the aisle and easy to spot with the help of the aisle signs.

Car Care With Yankee Candle Air Fresheners #LoveAmericanHome #ad #carcare
  Car Care With Yankee Candle Air Fresheners #LoveAmericanHome #ad #carcare

Car Care With Yankee Candle Air Fresheners #LoveAmericanHome #ad #carcare

I purchased the Yankee Candle® Smart Scent Vent Clip and I love how it keeps my car smelling fresh without being too over-powering like some of the other car fragrances I have used in the past. It clips onto the vents right above my stereo and has a clear cover that easily shows me when I need to replace it. - But, be sure to read the instructions very carefully so you clip it the correct way and it doesn't fall into your Del Taco while you're eating lunch.

Car Care With Yankee Candle Air Fresheners #LoveAmericanHome #ad #carcare

I also bought the Yankee Candle® Car Jar Ultimate Car Freshener because I thought it was too adorable! It is a serious improvement from the pine tree shaped air fresheners I used to get at the car wash. I mean, it looks just like a tiny Yankee Candle® Jar! Marketing at its finest, people. Just make sure you read the instructions and the jar doesn't obstruct your view while you're driving.  Safety first! With a price tag of under five dollars, I was tempted to buy a bunch of them at one time and make a stockpile.

So, if my car can't look clean and I am driving back and forth to work at least I can close my eyes (in the parking lot, of course) and escape to a tropical beach for a couple seconds and enjoy that my car smells clean!

What Yankee Candle® fragrance would you choose for YOUR car from the selection at Walmart?

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