Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mint and Gold Bridal Shower

Mint and Gold Bridal Shower Welcome Sign #bridalshower #MintandGold

My mint and gold bridal shower was an absolute dream come true! Spending an entire afternoon surrounded by the most important ladies in my life was a real treat and I wish I could repeat the whole day to soak it in some more. -- I will probably be saying the same thing about the wedding.

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I ran errands in the morning and stopped by the Clinique counter at Macy's for some pretty eye shadow while my best friends, sisters and Mom set up everything at the house. I am so blessed to be loved so much.

Mint and Gold Bridal Shower Bridal Party #bridalshower #MintandGold

Leah did such a fantastic job coordinating everything and incorporated my favorite mint color into the mix - I couldn't decide whether to stick with our navy and gray wedding theme or go with my favorite color for the shower. My favorite color won and you can see the mint and gold inspiration board here.

Mint and Gold Bridal Shower Future Mrs. Banner #bridalshower #MintandGold

Mint and Gold Bridal Shower Food #bridalshower #MintandGold

Mint and Gold Bridal Shower Gifts #bridalshower #MintandGold
The house was decorated beautifully; a chalkboard welcome sign, a handmade tassel garland on the stairs, tiny vases with flowers on the mantle, sweet photo frames and a "Mrs. Laney" banner above the fireplace. We even got to re-use some of the decorations from the pink and gold baby shower from work. I went absolutely gaga over everything. I have the best bridal party/best friends/sisters!

Mint and Gold Bridal Shower Cake #bridalshower #MintandGold

My sister Natalee made a delicious cake based off something I had seen on Pinterest and we used my favorite cake stand. She is one talented lady - the gold glitter sprinkles were my favorite part.

Mint and Gold Bridal Shower Bingo #bridalshower #MintandGold

Mint and Gold Bridal Bingo

The guests played wedding mad libs and bridal bingo while I ran around for a solid three hours yelling "I'm the BRIDE!!!" at every opportunity. I am soaking in every second of this season of life. Every. Single. Second.

Mint and Gold Bridal Shower Towel Cake #bridalshower #MintandGold

Mint and Gold Bridal Shower #bridalshower #MintandGold

Houston and I received so many wonderful gifts from our friends and family - I am truly grateful. Our wedding registry is slightly unconventional since we have both lived on our own for 10+ years and since we already own a lot of the "traditional" wedding registry items.

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I had quite a few people at work ask me why I was even having a shower (read: why was I being greedy) and the truth of the matter is that I didn't care if I received a single gift, it was about the experience and celebrating my upcoming wedding to Houston.

Mint and Gold Bridal Shower Recipes #bridalshower #MintandGold

All too quickly, the afternoon was over and the house was cleaned up (seriously, these ladies have a gift of housekeeping). While my closest girlfriends were still there, I started reading the thoughtful recipe cards the guests had left for me. When I got to the bottom of the stack, I gasped. Two lovely and handwritten cards from my Gram. My Aunt Tracey had been so thoughtful and brought two of the recipe cards from her own collection. I promptly burst into tears.

I cannot thank everyone enough for spoiling me and spending their afternoon with me.

Now I am off to keep practicing my new signature as the future Mrs. Laney!

I loved my Mint and Gold Bridal shower. Now tell me: what is your favorite bridal shower theme?

The photos in this post are courtesy of Emilie Wickham. You can find more of her beautiful photos here.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tray Chic - Organizing with Trays At Home

It is no secret that I like to be organized. In my perfect world, everything I own would have a place and my home would be tidy at all times.

But this is not a perfect world.

I have, however, implemented several different organizing methods (my closet and my bills) to make life a little less chaotic.

Tray Chic - Decorating and Organizing With Trays At Home #homedecor #trays #organization #tidyhome

Cute trays are one of my favorite things to keep clutter under control in different areas of my home and I adore this green porcelain tray I randomly found when I wasn't looking for anything in particular. - Isn't that always the way?

My green tray used to sit next to my front door in the apartment and was my drop zone for my keys, sunglasses and anything else I had in my hands as I came through the front door. It was durable enough to handle my keys being dropped into it, but it still looks fragile and pretty. Now that is my kind of decorating!

Tray Chic - Decorating and Organizing With Trays At Home #homedecor #trays #organization #tidyhome

I did have to add a small piece of foam sheet to the bottom of the tray to keep it from scratching the entry table, but it was super easy and inexpensive. Just a dollar for the foam sheet at Joann Fabric and Craft and a couple drops of hot glue and I called it a day.

Tray Chic - Decorating and Organizing With Trays At Home #homedecor #trays #organization #tidyhome

Tray Chic - Decorating and Organizing With Trays At Home #homedecor #trays #organization #tidyhome

Life is a little bit in limbo right now while Houston and I plan our wedding; my lease expired at my apartment and instead of paying a billion dollars a month, we moved all my stuff to Houston's house and moved me home to my parents for a couple months. It has been a huge blessing but it has also been weird having my belongings divided between two homes. 

Naturally, while I am in limbo I do the obvious thing and obsess about home design with my favorite blogs and their creative tray ideas for coffee tables (DIY Playbookand other home decor ideas (I Heart Organizing). Seriously, how can someone not want to have a tray in every room?

At the moment, my pretty green tray is sitting on the speaker in the master bedroom holding various screws and pegs to my furniture pieces while we reorganize and rearrange things in the house. But I plan on using it in the loft space that will be my "office" full of paper, my new silhouette cameo machine (thanks love!) and all things girly and glittery. 

Maybe while I am at it, I will add some more trays to the space. A girl can never be too organized, right?

Do you love incorporating trays into your space? Tell me about it!

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Union Station Engagement Photos - Los Angeles, California

If you know anything about Houston and me, then you probably know that we met on the Metrolink train. The two and a half hour daily commute allowed us to really get to know each other and somewhere between my leaning-against-the-wall train naps, working towards my bachelor's degree and clipping coupons, a handsome fella in blue oxford shoes slowly won over my heart.

Union Station Engagement Photos Downtown Los Angeles

It seemed only fitting, then, that we take our Union Station engagement photos at the place where our love story started: Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles.

It was our first time meeting our photographer Joe from George Street Photo and Video and I was a nervous wreck. Photography is probably the only thing that will turn me into a bridezilla - it is so important to me and I am praying that everything goes well. I was so anxious to meet Joe and probably scared him half to death; in fact, I think I actually threatened him. Sorry Joe.

Union Station Engagement Photos Downtown Los Angeles

Houston and I are very familiar with the interior of the station and the many different tunnels in the main hallway that lead to the train platforms. We walk those concrete hallway together frequently and I had scoped out some image inspiration on Pinterest.

We had a wonderful time running around Union Station on a Friday afternoon and entertaining the masses with our public displays of affection.

Union Station Engagement Photos Downtown Los Angeles

Union Station Engagement Photos Downtown Los Angeles

Union Station Engagement Photos Downtown Los Angeles

Is riding the train my favorite thing? No. But being there with my handsome fella sure makes the work commute infinitely better.

Union Station Engagement Photos Downtown Los Angeles

I love how our Union Station Engagement Photos capture a critical part of our love story in a fun way.

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Now tell me, where did you meet your spouse? 

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Gift for the Bride-to-Be

This post is not sponsored, I am just genuinely obsessed with photo albums.

A Gift For The Bride-to-Be from the maid of honor #engaged #wedding #Shutterfly

I love taking photos. I always have and I probably always will there's just something fun to me about documenting life with the people I love and the experiences we have that gets my blood pumping. 

For a long long time I was a hardcore scrapbooker. You know.. paper, scissors, stickers, the works. But life got busy, and my scrapbooks sit half-completed on bookshelf... Not to mention I didn't keep up with any current books at all. Sure, I managed to squeak out a couple pages when I was still single and if I had a three day weekend, but those crafting days were far and few between. So what's a memory making, scrapbook loving, busy girl to do? Go digital! Duh. 

So its been about 5 years since I made the switch to 100% digital scrapbooking. It just makes the most sense for this season of life where my crafting time is extremely limited. Besides, it's the most cost-effective option as well... I don't have to print the pictures I don't have to buy an album I don't have to buy paper, stickers... you get the idea. 

One of my favorite gifts to give over the last 5 years has been albums to my closest girlfriends. It started off with my best friend Leah and then trickled down to everyone else.

A Gift For The Bride-to-Be from the maid of honor #engaged #wedding #Shutterfly

Since I'm the paparazzi of the group, and I'm always taking photos, it seems only fitting that I document the journey of each of their weddings. I aptly named the albums "The journey to becoming Mr. and Mrs. _____".

A Gift For The Bride-to-Be from the maid of honor #engaged #wedding #Shutterfly

I took photos from their engagements all the way through the rehearsal dinners (with everything in between) and compiled them in a digital scrapbook. It made the perfect gift for the bride and groom on their one year anniversary. It took a little work and time to upload everything and do some journaling in the scrapbook, but it's nice that the photos have a home and they can be enjoyed rather than just being stored on my external hard drive. 

A Gift For The Bride-to-Be from the maid of honor #engaged #wedding #Shutterfly

A Gift For The Bride-to-Be from the maid of honor #engaged #wedding #Shutterfly

A Gift For The Bride-to-Be from the maid of honor #engaged #wedding #Shutterfly

I've tried several different websites for photo books and my favorite, by far, is Shutterfly.

Shutterfly Photo Books 468x60

Here's why: the website is user friendly, the quality is exceptional, and they offer so many deals and coupons that the price can't be beat... Believe me I've done my research and I've tried.

A Gift For The Bride-to-Be from the maid of honor #engaged #wedding #Shutterfly

Shutterfly also has amazing customer service. On the rare occasion that something has been wrong with an item I ordered, Shutterfly has been quick to send a replacement at no additional charge. 

So, this year I working really hard on uploading photos and putting them in my 2015 book every Sunday (my own version of Scrapbook Sunday via A Beautiful Mess).

I am also making my own "Becoming Mr. and Mrs. Laney" album with all the details as we plan our summer wedding! Eeep!

If you're interested in making your own album, click here and take advantage of Shutterfly running a promotion for 50% off hard cover photobooks (and 30% off everything else) with the code "HAPPYFOURTH" through tomorrow, July 8, 2015.

Shutterfly Photo Books 468x60

Now, if only I could win the lotto and have as much crafting time as my creative heart desires.

Hey, a girl can dream.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer Fun and Hydration

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SummerHydration #CollectiveBias

Summer Fun, Savings and Hydration with Coca-Cola and Poweraid #SummerHydration #CollectiveBias #ad

I don't know about where you live, but the weather in my home town has been unbearable lately. There were several days in a row this week when the temperature was in the 100's - it is only June for crying out loud! The Inland Empire in Southern California has notoriously hot summers, but I am just not ready for the heat.

The only exercise one should be doing in that type of weather should be in an ice cold pool or somewhere with plenty of air conditioning. I can't believe my nephews have football practice in this kind of heat with full gear and pads.

Summer Fun, Savings and Hydration with Coca-Cola and Poweraid #SummerHydration #CollectiveBias #ad

Summer Fun, Savings and Hydration with Coca-Cola and Poweraid #SummerHydration #CollectiveBias #ad
Lucky for me, my parents have a pool and an amazing back yard and we were able to enjoy being outside for the 4th of July without sweating to death. The kids swam all day and we had fun BBQing. There was no denying it was hot and I was trying to stay hydrated like it was going out of style.

At one point the kids were playing so hard in the yard, and getting quite sweaty, and I was glad we had some Powerade in the house for them to drink - red, white and blue Powerade, of course!

Summer Fun, Savings and Hydration with Coca-Cola and Poweraid #SummerHydration #CollectiveBias #ad
Summer Fun, Savings and Hydration with Coca-Cola and Poweraid #SummerHydration #CollectiveBias #ad My favorite flavor is the zero calorie mixed berry; it tastes like the punch from elementary school class parties!

Are you looking for ways to stay hydrated this summer? Coca-Cola and your local Safeway/Vons/Albertson's are here to help with your #SummerHydration. When you buy $10 in participating items (smartwater, vitaminwater, fruitwater, Gold Peak, Honest Tea, and POWERADE) July 1st through July 28th, you will get a $4 coupon at checkout for your next Safeway shopping trip.

Participating products include:
  • vitaminwater 20oz
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  • POWERADE 32oz
Summer Fun, Savings and Hydration with Coca-Cola and Poweraid #SummerHydration #CollectiveBias #ad
So play hard, save some money and stay hydrated this summer. It is going to be a hot one.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Do You Have The Time?

Praying for you all the time

One of my favorite gifts I received from my grandparents (you can read more about them here and here) was a watch.

It was so pretty, with two toned silver and gold face and Gram paid special attention to my need for the hour markings in order to properly tell time on a watch.

Does anyone else have trouble telling whether it is 4:00 or 5:00 when the markings are only on 12, 3, 6 and 9? This is my biggest requirement when shopping for a watch and you would be surprised how difficult it can be to find pretty ones with the hour markings.

Praying for you all the time

I knew my grandparents had splurged on it because it was an Anne Klein watch from Robinson's-May. - Ooohh, fancy.

I eventually stopped wearing wrist jewelry when I worked in retail because I would always snag them on the fixtures or hangers. On more than one occasion, I caught a beaded bracelet on a 4-way and watched as the beads rained down on the marble floor.

Praying for you all the time

Unfortunately, my watch was no exception and it bears several battle scars.

But my favorite part of my watch had nothing to do with the watch at all. It was the sweet note that my grandmother included in the box.

Praying for you all the time

Praying for you all the time.

She had a way with funny puns... maybe that's where I get it from. (wink)

I have no doubt that my grandparents were actually praying for me all the time. They loved me with a fierce love and wanted to see all my dreams come true.

In my jewelry box, along with Gram's sweet note, in her unforgettable handwriting, that watch is a constant reminder that my grandparents loved me and were always praying for me.

Do you wear a watch? Does it have any sentimental value like mine? Tell me about it!

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