Monday, June 29, 2015

Wedding Planning and Organizing

I have always dreamed of my wedding. Even as a little girl, I would play dress up and run around with an old lace curtain pinned to my head, courtesy of my imagination-encouraging Gram.

But this wedding planning is serious business. There's so many different things to keep track of, things to pay for, and people to talk to. I pride myself on being organized, but this took things to a whole different level. Oh my naivety said that "this will be easy and so much fun" but when you're in the trenches, it can be a whole other story.

Wedding Planning Binder Organization

Binder HERE

Lucky for me between the checklist I found on The Knot, and my wonderful organizational binder that Leah (my maid-of-honor) made me, I am right on track for being ready to say "I do" this summer.

I really love is that Leah put together an amazing binder for me to store all the different paperwork that was accumulating and keep track of all my contacts for easy reference. She made an awesome table of contents, and the binder has everything I need to be an organized and prepared bride. I threw in a couple extra plastic sleeves for things I didn't want to hole punch, and I was good to go. The bridal salons were absolutely giddy that I was prepared with images of dresses I liked and inspiration photos and it made picking out a cake a breeze at our bakery.

Wedding Planning Checklist To Do Organizer

The Knot checklist is pretty straightforward. I entered our wedding date and it printed a schedule for me to follow right up until the wedding day. The checklist even has dates I should try to have certain things completed by. It includes things like: send shower thank you's and buy undergarments for my dress.

Let's hope a bride would remember undergarments for her dress!

Now, while I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off calling vendors, testing cake, doing makeup trials, and everything else under the sun, Samantha and Taylor Sinclair got to have a dream wedding in Napa Valley courtesy of The Knot and they didn't have to plan a thing.

You see, the the Sinclairs won the dream wedding sweepstakes from and that included having everything planned and paid for. Woah mama, right?

I participated online and voted on a couple of the items for their wedding. The Knot website would post a couple different options on different days. One day it was a choice of four different makeup looks and four different bouquets, another day was options for hair styles and bridesmaid dresses.

The readers voted on their favorite and the item with the most votes was the choice for the wedding! A dress from Kleinfeld, Wedding Paper Divas stationary, and a honeymoon in Tahiti... It was seriously a dream come true for that couple.

The wedding took place a couple weeks ago in Kenwood, California at the beautiful Chateau St. John. It was stunning and everything came together beautifully. Since the wedding was a live streaming event, I was able to watch it on my lunch break at work. Technology is amazing.

I mean, they even had a drone videographer - it doesn't get any cooler than that.

Would I have loved to been the bride who didn't have to plan a single thing? Heck yes! - Although my control-freak nature is saying "no way sister... trust your wedding to a bunch of strangers on the internet? I don't think so."

Now don't get me wrong; I am looking forward to my wedding. But what I'm looking forward to even more is being Houston wife. Come on wedding day! Get here already.

Now excuse me, I'm off to go decide on earrings for me and the bridesmaids... Unless you'd like to do it for me (wink wink).

This post is not sponsored - I am just tired of making decisions and wish I had a dream team to do it all for me. // Dream Wedding Images belong to Jasmine Star Photography/The Knot


  1. This bring me back. :) I actually really loved planning my wedding, but I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority. I just thought of it as planning the biggest party of my life. That wedding organizer looks great, and wow, the wedding put together by the Knot looks like it was stunning! Visiting from The Peony Project. :) Good luck with planning!

  2. I don't know if I could give over control and have people vote on things for my wedding...but it all looks so beautiful!!!

  3. Why did I laugh when I read drone videographer? It's so cool, but so crazy at the same time. I too have finally postponed my wedding planning as far as possible. I get really stressed over none sense and I promised myself I wouldn't for my wedding. So we are having a small casual wedding in the country. Perfect for my sanity. (;

  4. I've enjoyed most of the wedding planning... most of it. ;)

  5. Right??? But if you didn't have to pay ANYTHING... then I may be persuaded. :)

  6. Have you seen any drone videographers Kiki? They are actually really cool - one of the venues we looked at has a video of the wedding cite and it was all filmed by a drone.
    Good luck on YOUR wedding planning. :)

  7. Thanks! It's not very fun so far. We are having a small wedding 140 max and it's a stress cutting people. But if I haven't seen great great Aunt Merna in ten years, do I really want her at my wedding? So hard...

  8. Kiki - we have to keep our list at 108 -- talk about having to be selective (my immediate family is 12).
    Houston and I said we will only invite people who have been a part of our lives and will CONTINUE to be a part of our lives. :) It is hard, but worth it.