Thursday, May 7, 2015

Go Ahead & Like It

One of my favorite things to do is make lists.

Grocery lists, shopping lists to-do lists... I love them all. - Blank spiral notebooks are the things my dreams are made of!

There is just something peaceful about being able to write everything down and then giving myself permission to "forget" about it. Usually when I can't sleep at night it is because I have too many "don't forget to ____" thoughts dancing around in my head. Writing them down usually cures my insomnia in a jiffy.

Go Ahead And Like It

So, when I received "Go Ahead & Like it" from Blogging for Books, I was ecstatic! An entire book full of prompts that encourage gratitude and list-making??? Yes, please.

You see, I was prepared to receive a relatively blank canvas just waiting for me to fill it in. I thought that there may be a daily/weekly prompt for creating a list of likes; maybe something like: "Stand outside for five minutes and list what you like." I was all set to write about my appreciation for lunch time sunshine, the birds singing in the morning and cups of hot chocolate.

Well, I must have misunderstood the description of the book.

Go Ahead And Like It

Go Ahead And Like It

Instead of being a blank canvas for my various lists of likes, it was full of other people's lists. Now, I am glad that other people took the time to stop and appreciate the things in life that make them smile, but I was left wanting a little more.

The last page has a blank space for a list of MY likes - to which I said "ah-ha! This is what I wanted."

The book is full of beautiful and sometimes funny photos and the book itself is pretty and will look lovely if I am ever able to make color blocked book cases a la A Beautiful Mess.

Maybe I will need to crack open a new journal and take a cue from my misunderstanding and do exactly what the book is encouraging me to do - spend a little time every day and be grateful for the big and little things that make me smile.

I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for this review.

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Monday, May 4, 2015

How I Budget and Balance My Monthly Expenses

Most women would agree that spending $20 on new clothes is better than paying a $20 late fee on a credit card. A guide to organizing and paying bills, and avoiding late fees, is below:
Monthly Bill Planner

1.  Make a list of every bill you receive monthly (utilities, memberships, credit cards). Be sure to include store cards that may only have periodic bills. These are called your “payees.”
2.  Write the payment due date next to each payee. Generally a bill is due on roughly the same day each month.
3.  Sort your list of payees by due date. Invoices due at the beginning of the month at the top of the list and end of the month invoices at the bottom.
4.  Write the amount due or the amount to pay next to the due date. Be sure this amount is at least the minimum due, if not the total.
5.  Schedule the payments via online banking one day before the payment is due to avoid any delays in payment. If using checks rather than online banking, post-date and mail payments immediately. Do not hold onto the check and attempt to remember to put it in the mail.
6.  List the amount and the date paid on your list.
7.  Relax. Enjoy the peace of mind that every bill will be paid on time and the money saved from annoying late fees can be spent on shoes instead!

Bill Planner Worksheet

Once you have completed the first month of tracking invoices, print or write a blank copy of your list to use the next month!

If you need a pretty form to help keep you organized, look no further - Houston made me one (because the one I made in Word was just plain ugly) and he also made one available in his Etsy shop!
Happy finances in 2015 and beyond, friends!

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