Friday, April 10, 2015

A Better Way to Use Craigslist

Maybe I started posting things on Craigslist a little early... after only three days, I no longer had a kitchen table, kitchen chairs or a couch!

It seems strange to part with my "things" that have been with me through the last 10 years. I bought so many of them as a single woman in my 20's and I am a bit of a sentimental fool when it comes to my belongings. There were birthday parties, long hours reading textbooks, dinners with friends, glorious naps, and countless crafting parties in my living room and kitchen.

I got emotional when my kitchen table was hauled away - the first time I rode in Houston's truck was to go pick that table up in Canyon Lake in 2012. But we are moving towards a new chapter in our lives and, well, there just isn't enough space for all this stuff. And that's all it is, right? Just stuff. There are certainly far worse things in life than having to endure a pizza picnic in your living room!

Craigslist can be an easy way to sell your stuff for a couple extra dollars, but there are some warnings and best practices you should be aware of:

Warning #1:  NEVER tell a potential buyer "I won't be home until 7:00" -- do you want someone to rob your house?
Best Practice #1:  I usually say I will be available after 7:00 for pick up BUT I don't give them my actual address. Generally I say "I live on ____ Street in  ____ City, let me know when you are there and I will text the address."  I have yet to have a buyer who has had a problem with this.

Warning #2:  NEVER tell a potential buyer you live alone.
Best Practice #2:  If I can meet a buyer at a "neutral" location, I always try to do that instead of having them come directly to my door - with the exception of large items. The leasing office at my apartment complex was always a great place to meet.

Warning #3:  Accept cash and no other forms of payment.
Best Practice #3:  Clearly state price and form of payment in the Craigslist listing and verify the information with the potential buyer.

When you create a listing on Craigslist, you can link to the other items you are selling by checking the "include more ads by this seller."

Say WHAT???

So then when you look at a listing you can see what that same seller has also listed by clicking "more ads by this user" on the right side of the screen (under the map).

Want to see what it looks like? Check out what I am selling HERE and help a girl out and buy something!

Happy shopping!

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  1. These are great tips! Craigslist has always been something I was terrified to use. I always see great things, or want to sell things but a part of me has stranger danger phobia. My dad and future father and law swear by it and I swear they are always on Craigslist for something. You're one smart cookie with these simple tips! Thank you and have a lovely weekend!

  2. Craigslist has been a great help for me with buying and selling -- although I have had my fair share of jerks who never show up or try to give you less money than you agreed upon.