Monday, March 16, 2015

You Hold The Pieces Together - Thank You Gift

When you have an amazing boss, it is important to tell them they hold the pieces together.

So this is an extremely belated post. Why is it belated? I will explain what Houston and I have been up to at the end of the post. But this is my annual “Bosses day thank you gift” post.

You Hold The Pieces Together - Thank You Gift #bossesday #thankyougift

Every year I create a little quirky gift for my bosses on bosses day – it is in October every year. Write it down. You should write it down and tell your boss thank you.

So this year, my darling man came to my rescue when I needed a graphic for my bosses day present. I had a great idea but, like usual, had no way to make it a reality. Often I can find a free graphic online, but my search kept turning up void.

I drew some terrible sketches of what I was looking for and he whipped it up in less than an hour – even more impressive was that he completed it on the train ride home from work. I told you he was talented.

You Hold The Pieces Together - Thank You Gift #bossesday #thankyougift

Bosses like you hold the pieces together

That’s right… I’m cheezy and I know it.

What you need for your hold the pieces together jar:
Pieces Graphic
Color printer
White paper
Adhesive (I used a scrapbook taper runner like this one)

Once I had my graphic (you can get yours HERE), I printed and trimmed along the black border. I slapped some adhesive on the back and it was good to go. 

Fill the jar with the Reese’s Pieces and call it a day! - That is my kind of crafting.

You Hold The Pieces Together - Thank You Gift #bossesday #thankyougift

I contemplated putting a ribbon around the jar, but I really liked how simple the jar looked and I left it alone.

So now for the exciting stuff:

Houston is constantly making images for me (my blog logo, post images and everything in between). Lucky for me, he lets me pay him with kisses and chocolate chip cookies. Lucky for YOU, he is going to make all the graphics available to you as well! Hooray! He recently re-launched his website and has also opened an Etsy shop where he will make graphics like this one available for purchase.

Wait, it gets better!

He has agreed to give away a copy of the “pieces” graphic to one lucky winner! Don’t need to make one for a boss? He has created several versions for your “thank you” needs: friends, family, etc. HBL Designs has you covered, see the samples here

Thanks for supporting our dreams!

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  1. What a fun and simple idea! It's so thoughtful to put a little happy together for your boss!

  2. What a cute idea! I love little home made thank you gifts! (:

  3. Adorable gift, simple but conveys the message. Lucky you to have some to help you with the graphics. Good Job, both of you! Have a Fabulous Day!!

  4. This is so cute! This would be good for a Mother's or Father's Day gift - because parents really hold the pieces together!!! Great idea! Stopping by from Week's End! -Jess

  5. Thanks Megan! - don't forget to enter to win the printable (or substitute for one of the other "pieces" in HBL's shop). :)

  6. Thanks Kiki! - don't forget to enter to win the printable (or substitute for one of the other "pieces" in HBL's shop). :)

  7. I am completely spoiled - between Houston and my best friend, I have my own graphics department! :)

  8. Jess - If you enter the rafflecopter you can pick the mom or dad "pieces" graphic instead of the bosses one! :) -- Great minds think alike! ;)

  9. Haha What a crafty and great idea! It is something that is sweet and yummy, who doesn't love candy!!! Thanks for sharing!