Monday, March 30, 2015

Thanks A Latte -Thank You Gift Update

The "Thanks a Latte" craft I did two years ago for bosses day is my most popular pin on Pinterest and my most viewed post here on Polka Dotted Blue Jay. I have thought of countless other people who could use a "thanks a latte" and Houston suggested a graphic with options for other coffee shops - He is a fan of Coffee Bean's Iced Tea!

He whipped up a graphic in no time and even created options in green, purple, teal and red! -- Gold star for you if you can name the corresponding companies.

I just printed out a sheet of coins (there are six coins on a letter sized page) and cut one out following the black border. I used a standard hole punch to create the hole for the straw and I filled the mug with foil shreds for some sparkle. It is such a budget-friendly and quick present to put together!

I still like the idea of putting the straw through the graphic coin, but using some ribbon and tying it to a mug or creating a homemade card are great options for your thanks a latte graphic too!

Houston has uploaded the designs to his Etsy shop and we would love to see what you create with them.

Happy crafting and latte-giving, my friends!

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