Thursday, February 12, 2015

More Random Facts About Me

Ready for more random facts about me? -- I bet you can hardly contain your excitement!

I swear I have a dozen blog posts that are drafted and ready to go with the exception of photographs -- can a girl get just a couple more hours of sunlight to get things done? Please???

1.  I over-use exclamation points!!! I am not even going to try to stop!

2.  I generally have a black hair tie around one of my wrists... yes, even if my hair is already up!

3.  My love languages are acts of service and physical touch. 

4.  I can't spell tragedy (much like permanent).

5.  I wish I would have taken calligraphy classes - I love to doodle and even addressed the envelopes for my sister's wedding. This is one of my many "should-have-been" careers. Want me to write something for you? Email me!

6.  I LOVE freshly washed towels - like, throw a big pile of them on my lap while I sit on the couch, kinda love. Because really, who doesn't love warm towels fresh out of the dryer?

7.  Going to Club33 would be a dream come true! Someday... someday I will get to ring that doorbell.

Scarf c/o Mint Julep // Similar

8.  It drives me CRAZY when people say or write "wah-la" instead of "voila!" It is French for "there it is." - Tell a friend and save me from wanting to punch something.

9. I am allergic to cats but have become mildly obsessed with Houston's my fur babies. Spooks is obviously not as infatuated with me.

I swear there are several really exciting things in the works (in life and blog-land) - including fun wedding planning.

Thank you for not abandoning me and my little blog. Love you, friends!

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