Monday, January 12, 2015

Off to a Rocky Start


That pretty much sums up my first week of 2015. All my plans for this week got blown to bits and I really had to "roll with it" much more than I like - to be fair, I never like rolling with it and dealing with fluctuating plans.

Houston and I started the year off sick and have stayed sick. No good my friends, no good. In fact, I finally went to urgent care because my stinking cough just won't quit and I can barely breathe walking up to my third-floor apartment, let alone work out like I had planned.

Monday the 5th was the first day of my new class at CBU, new semester, new school year, etc. Was I able to get ANY work done this week like I planned? Nope. I jammed through homework late on Thursday night (when I got home from urgent care) and then spent my most of my Saturday holed up on my couch with my laptop, typing furiously. As long as it gets done, right?  GRRRrrr. Is it graduation yet???

Dinner plans got re-arranged from the weekend to weeknights (thank you cough-riddled body) and there was a jammed packed Tuesday and Wednesday to participate in. - oh and plans on Friday.  Whew.

Thursday was a mess. A broken eye shadow, crappy hair day, challenging work, and then I took a chunk out of the toe of my favorite Mary Jane Pumps.

The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!

At one point I felt so overwhelmed I binged-watched 8 Jaclyn Hill videos and ate an entire bag of M&M's. I'm not proud of it, but it definitely happened. There is always next week to get back on the "healthy train" and exercise routine.

Now, I did get to have a little fun in the mix too - A girl has to keep some sort of sanity in the madness.

The biggest bummer was that all my good intentions for getting back to blogging and sharing some really exciting news and projects totally flew out the window and now I feel like I am playing catch-up.


I am taking some medicine for the lingering cough, getting a handle on the coming week's coursework, drafting some posts and then getting some quality time with my man. Maybe, just maybe, I will get a nap too!


  1. Oh man I fee you! Whenever I have big plans for being productive plans go out the window and life always gets in the way! haha

  2. Oh no! That doesn't sound like a good start to the year. Hopefully it gets better from here and you feel well soon!

  3. Let's hope everything has a purpose. I'm sure your year is going to get better, and the rocky start was just to make you more grateful for when the good times come!

  4. That is always (ALWAYS) the way!!! :)

  5. Thank you, Stephanie... I am on the mend!

  6. Oh yes, this cough MADE me slow down and rest. I needed it though. :)