Friday, January 23, 2015

My Five Favorite "Big" Blogs

I love blogs. To the point where I had to scale back the number I read on Bloglovin' when I couldn't get through them all in one day.

Woah there, Elise.

I can actually pinpoint how the obsession began - I was looking for cute bridal shower ideas for my bestie Leah back in 2010 and stumbled on Green Wedding Shoes and Ruffled. I visited the sites often and loved seeing the pretty weddings they featured.

Pinterest had just launched in March and I begged a friend to send me an invitation to join the site -- anyone else remember having to have an invitation to spend countless hours mindlessly pinning pretty things???

I couldn't scroll and pin fast enough... Cakes, babies, organization tips, I needed to have them all.

That's when I found this pin and started reading Little Baby Garvin. Jessica was the first blogger I "followed" and the first time I really got a good look into blogland. I was hooked.

So here I am, five years later with a slew of favorite blogs. Just in case you need some reading material, since I am obviously slacking in that area at the moment, I thought I would share them with you!

Little Baby Garvin - Jessica has to be the most talented mama around. She also makes a mean Bloody Mary bar.

A Beautiful Mess - Sisters Elsie and Emma are my daily dose of creativity (while I sit in my cubicle), and man, does Elsie know how to work an angle.

I Heart Organizing - The name says it all... organized wrapping paper, planners, and closets - Jen has them all! - The home tour is my favorite!

The Art of Doing Stuff - I first found Karen when I saw a pin about unclogging your central vacuum system (Houston has one and I am fascinated with it!) and her humor and ability to do stuff kept me readnig. - I mean, the woman did dioramas on her Christmas presents!

Live Love DIY - Virginia's posts crack me up, and the staining disaster of 2014 has forever changed my opinion on dark floors!

So there you have it... 5 of my favorite "big blogs" - which means they have more than their best friends as readers.

What are your favorite blogs to follow? 

Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. Thank you for sharing! I just love finding new blogs to enjoy. (: Have a great weekend!

  2. You're welcome, Kiki! - I hope you enjoyed them!