Thursday, December 11, 2014

For the Love of Snail Mail

I love getting snail mail. I love it so much, I almost don't mind getting bills in the mail. It is an illness.

When I moved in May 2014, I had 5 shoe boxes full of birthday cards, notes from friends and letters from the past 25 years. I consolidated to one box. Be proud... it was hard.

My fondness for receiving mail can be attributed to my 4th grade teacher, Ms. Cherry. Ms. Cherry invented "Cherryville" in our class and elementary school. The best part about Cherryville was the CherryMail. We literally had a blue and red Mailboxoutside our classroom where students could mail a letter to another student. Our class sorted, stamped, and then delivered the mail to the other classrooms.

It may have encouraged note writing in class, but it was so much fun and made me really love receiving mail.

I still love sending and receiving mail and I have a favorite list of places to get my note cards at budget friendly prices and keep a stash of blank cards in my desk at work and at home. Because you never know when you will need to send a "thank you" note.

1)  Happy Mail - Happy Mail was just launched at A Beautiful Mess. It is an easy subscription service where you receive Happy Mail once a month with $50 worth of stationary and cards stuffed into a darling envelope! I just received my first envelope and it was even better than I had anticipated. Don't feel like paying $15 a month subscription? Just pay $20 for the Happy Mail on the months you decide you want to order.

2)  The One Spot - You know what I am talking about. The baskets full of trinkets at the front of Target with $1-$3 price range. One dollar isn't bad for a pack of eight note cards, especially because they frequently stock pretty patterns and envelopes, but I really stock up on blank cards when there is a cartwheel offer on One Spot items! 30-40% off already great prices? Yes, please!  Need some info on signing up for Cartwheel? Click here or send me an email.

3)  Treat - I have been a fan of Shutterfly for years and they just launched a new greeting card site called Treat. My favorite feature is that I can purchase ONE card, customize it and have Treat mail it to my friend or loved one. Awesome? I think so. Especially since I like to send spur of the moment cards and dislike having to wait to receive it to just turn around and put it back in the mail. Another bonus is being able to add the person's name to the front of the card for a little extra personalization. Have you already tried Treat? What do you think???

4)  Michael's - Along the same lines of the One Spot at Target, the dollar section at Michael's is full of beautiful cards for $1-$3. Pair that with the 40% off coupon and this girl is in note-writing business! The only downside? The 40% off coupon is only good on ONE item and you can only use one a day. But I still think $1 for 8 pretty note cards is a great buy.

So there you have it. Those are my favorite places to get pretty note cards and stationary for a great price. Because you're already spending $0.49 for a basic stamp... why spend more than you have to for the card?

Happy shopping and saving, friends!

This post is not sponsored, but it does contain some affiliate links which result in an affiliate commission. All thoughts are completely my own, as I only recommend items I personally love.


  1. Love love love this post! I have a stationary addiction. My Great Grandma would always send me a beautiful card with handwritten notes on stationary inside. My Grandma still does as well. They are my treasures:). Here's to snail mail making a cone back!!!!

  2. LOVE snail mail! These are some fun ideas! I love the story of cherryville, how fun!

  3. Love your tips on snail mail! And love writing people notes!

  4. Cherryville is one of my fondest childhood memories - I tried to find Ms. Cherry recently but didn't have any luck.

  5. I purged a LOT of cards when I moved, but I just couldn't get rid of anything in my Gram's handwriting. :)

  6. I keep a lot of cards, too! Especially from my Grandma (like Summer said) :)

  7. Cards from grandmas are treasures! - They sure have pretty handwriting too!