Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Natural History Museum - Los Angeles, California

Houston and I were able to visit our good friends, the D'Angelos, in Los Angeles the weekend before Thanksgiving and we spent the day at the Natural History Museum in Downtown Los Angeles.

Neither Houston nor I had been to the museum and we had a wonderful time exploring and experiencing the different exhibits. 

It took me a couple minutes to realize we were in THE museum from Night at the Museum

Once I did, I  expected the T-Rex to come to life and chase me around the museum at any moment. Even dead, they look pretty ferocious.

The dinosaur exhibits were the most fascinating.  Seeing a dinosaur skeleton for the first time is quite the experience. Dinosaurs were huge, that's a given, but standing next to the bones of one is rather surreal and a little scary. 

I was enamored with the dinosaur's feet - most of them walked in their toes. Giant, terrifying, multi-ton, ballerinas.  I couldn't get over how something so ginormous could balance all that weight on their toes. 

There were plenty of other amazing exhibits to see and fun activities for kids everyone to enjoy.

The best part of the day was hanging out with our friend's daughter, Charly.  She was so entertaining and kept us laughing the whole day. Especially when she figured out that the huge T-Rex puppet (which scared me to death) was really a person dressed in a costume; she let everyone know that was NOT a real dinosaur. That kid doesn't miss a beat.

Houston and I decided we definitely need to visit more museums.  We had a wonderful time at the Natural History Museum and it was relatively inexpensive.

Do you have a favorite museum to visit?

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  1. This looks so fun!!! The only museum I think I've ever been to is the High Desert Museum (bend or). Your pictures are priceless.

  2. I LOVE museums! I've never been to this one and can't wait to visit it soon though - looks awesome!

  3. I was hoping you guys would actually get to spend the night there. lol!

  4. Wouldn't that be incredible?!? - I think I would be too chicken and my imagination would get the best of me.

  5. They have AMAZING interactive activities for the little ones - lots of hands-on and matching games! Plus you can dig through the dirt in the gardens and look for bugs!

  6. Thank you, Laura. We had a wonderful time.

  7. One of the places I would love to visit one day. So far away from where I love though, such a shame!

  8. Rent the movie, Kasia! -- It is a really accurate representation of the hallways, stairs and the diorama rooms! :)