Friday, November 7, 2014

Italy Part 12 (Lake Como)

Italy Day Eight:

I had to get over my disappointment of not getting a Swiss passport stamp after we drove back into Italy from Lake Lugano, Switzerland. Like Gary says: "it gives me a reason to go back!"

Once we were back in Italy, we headed to George Clooney's house... Well, not exactly, but we did go to Lake Como and our guide pointed to his house wayyyyy off in the distance.

Like our visit to Lake Lugano, our time at Lake Como was brief, but it was so much fun! We went on an optional boat excursion that took us out onto the lake to see all the beautiful homes and enjoy the water and sunshine!

The back deck was pretty packed; Ruby and Gary sat outside but Houston and I opted to stay inside and had the boat pretty much to ourselves! I was running back and forth taking photos, so it worked out pretty well.

The tour ended up sounding like a Lake Como "Hollywood Tour of the Stars" type thing, which I personally didn't like, but I just unplugged my headset and enjoyed the time on the lake!

The lake was as smooth as glass and the skies were so clear - I am from Southern California and fascinated with skies that don't include a dense layer of smog. We passed the most amazing homes right along the water and this storybook one was my favorite.

Right behind it, Houston notices a huge elevator and our guide explained that the elevator provides access to the main road - we're talking big bucks here on the lake, friends. BIG bucks.

Another house nearby uses a monorail for transportation up the hill - In between the two homes.

Along with the ridiculously opulent homes and lifestyles, there is also a more relaxed and down-to-earth vibe on the lake too. I would relax and fish all day if I had more money than I knew what to do with too!

After our tour of the lake from the water, we headed into town to do a little quick exploring.

There was a beautiful church in town with the sweetest old man at the main door. We loved the beautiful stained glass windows at the entrance of the church and the sun was brilliant pouring through them...

...and then it was time to get back (you guessed it) on the bus and Lake Como faded into the distance.

There's one stop left on this amazing Italian adventure and a recap post on Monday.

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  1. I love that you keep sharing pieces of your Italy adventure with us!

  2. Lake Como looks so beautiful! This makes me want to go back to Italy so bad! Beautiful pictures!

  3. I love the Lake Como area. So gorgeous and serene. :)

  4. It was the perfect lake-side village. Just lovely!

  5. I just got home and I want to go back tooooo! :0)

  6. I really want to live in that storybook house! My goodness, it's beautiful!