Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Italy Part 7 (Florence Part 1)

Italy Day Four (Part 2):

After we left Siena at one o'clock we drove about an hour until we arrived in Florence. The bus has to drop us off about 20 minutes away from the Galleria dell'Accademia where we walked down a narrow alley and into a very plain looking building to see Michelangelo's David.

I was amazed. Michelangelo even carved veins into David's arms.

Seriously. That is a solid piece of rock.

I was so sad to see that David's left foot looked severely damaged and Houston later found out that a man attacked it with a hammer in 1991.  

Don't know anything about the statue? It is the biblical hero, David. It is a 17 foot statue made out of a single piece of marble and carved by a then 26 year-old Michelangelo. What is more impressive is that Michelangelo didn't make a plaster sample as a guide, but carved David in one attempt. 

The statue was originally placed in the Palazzo della Signoria (which we would see later) with his piercing eyes looking towards Rome, but was moved to the museum when the base started to deteriorate.

The rest of the museum was filled with other beautiful paintings, sculptures, tapestries and other amazing artifacts.

After we left the museum we walked to the hotel, but encountered a very angry street sales man who was yelling furiously at our tour guide Tony - he thought Tony was telling us to avoid his paintings (cheap printed knock-offs), but Tony was just asking us to turn on our headsets. Yikes. I can tell you this: my Italian consists of about 10 words, but I understood exactly what that guy was saying.

After we ate dinner, Tony offered to take us for a walk around Florence at night. We walked to the main cathedral in Florence  - The Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower. It was lit up by lights on the surrounding buildings and the white marble practically glowed.

We passed a cafe with a hot chocolate fountain - literally a faucet with liquid chocolate (woah, mama) and stores with beautiful handbags and jewelry.

It was really exciting to see the city at night since we hadn't really had the opportunity to do that in any of the other locations. We walked all the way to Palazzo Vecchio (thr original home of the statue of David) and I was impressed with how many people were out so late. Tour-guide-Tony said that the Palazzo Vecchio is prominently featured in scene from Hannibal- but that isn't my type of movie, so I will just have to take his word for it.

Our full day in Florence is up next...

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  1. I love seeing your photos! I studied abroad in Florence so I always love seeing other's perspectives on the city. How did you get photos with David?! They were crazy about not taking any photos inside!

  2. Madison, you're so lucky...I would have loved the opportunity to study abroad!

    Story of David: I asked our guide if we would be able to take photos inside and he emphasized that "NO, you cannot." Well, Houston didn't want to leave the DSLR sitting on the tour bus for 5 hours, so he brought it with us. As we went through security they have new signs that say no flash and no recording devices, but they let us take the camera and EVERYONE was using their phones. Perhaps they can't control it with everyone having a camera in their phone.

    We have some amazing photos of David - but I left them off the blog for fear of offending someone with the "nudity." So silly.