Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Italy Part 4 (Rome)

Italy Day Two (Part 2):

After leaving the Piazza Navona, our group headed back to the bus and made our way slowly to the Vatican City across the river. 

I was brilliant and forgot my glasses on the tour bus. I had to wear my sunglasses inside so I could see but I suppose it is better than not getting to see it at all.

Talk about opulence!!! I could not believe the paintings, sculptures and the many masterpieces that lined the hallways. (My awe is a reoccurring theme in the trip). Hallway after hallway was adorned with paintings on the walls, ceiling and every square inch of space that could serve as a canvas!

The Sistine Chapel was incredible (even with my sunglasses) and I didn't care that I got a kink in my neck from standing so long with my head tilted back.

Photos are not allowed in the chapel, but trust me, it was amazing

After exiting the chapel we took a tour of St. Peter's Basilica. My mind just can't comprehend how these amazing structures were created without the use of modern machinery. 

After our tour ended, we were all pretty exhausted (and sweaty) and decided to stay close to the hotel for dinner.  Part of me wanted to go back to the pizza place we went to the day before and to see Rome at night, but I was also glad that our very long day of walking (and sweating) was at an end.

We had dinner at a sweet restaurant called the "Drunk Cow" with free wifi (hallelujah!) and wrapped up day TWO in Italy.

City:  Rome
Date:  9/25/14 - 9/27/14
Hotel: Hotel Diana
Weather: Arrival day was drizzly. Tour day was beautiful and warm.
Restaurants (Lunch and Dinner):  Pizza Rustica Birreria (L). Angelo Poretti (D). The Drunk Cow (D).
The Good:  The pizza. All the pizza! We found a little liquor store and bought some large water bottles, Coca-Cola and tea for Houston
The Bad:  I didn't eat breakfast (I usually don't) and since we skipped lunch to see the Pantheon, I was starving by the time we went to dinner. The bathroom lacked counter and a shower curtain (more on that later).
Wish I had: Double checked the voltage on my curling iron (flat iron was ok) and packed my bobble (water bottle with a built-in filter). More time to explore Rome - 1.5 days is NOT enough.  

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  1. These photos are stunning! I hope someday to visit Rome now :)

  2. Oh my gorgeous!!!! I seriously need to visit Europe soon!

  3. I hope you can some day! It was amazing.

  4. Thank you for stopping by! -- If you ever go to Italy, spend as much time as you can in Rome!

  5. Hey friend. I dig your thumbnail picture. That is all.