Monday, October 13, 2014

Italy Part 3 (Rome)

I survived jet lag!!!

We thought I would be in pretty bad shape after not sleeping on the flight to Rome, but I somehow summoned super-human strength and stayed awake through the rest of the day and slept through the night uninterrupted. Hallelujah. Read about Part 1 and Part 2 of that adventure to catch up.

Italy Day Two (Part 1):

The day started with breakfast at the hotel (a sweet restaurant with an amazing view) and we had to be out the door at 8 am. Houston was sure to bring his Lipton iced tea and we quickly learned how to ask for ice in Italian: ghiaccio! If you don't already know, Houston loves iced tea.

Just like that, I was on Italian time. 

Our morning tour took us into the heart of Rome to the Colosseum.  It was magnificent and I cried because I was so excited to be standing in front of it. I knew it was a huge structure, but actually standing in front of it made me feel like a tiny ant in the shadow of the ancient arena. Side note: the blue ear buds and orange box around my neck are the tour's headsets. They make appearances in most of the photos.

The floor of the Colosseum is exposed and you can easily see the chambers that once held lions, tigers and other beasts! The floor was even flooded at times and the Colosseum presented epic "at sea" battles.

I was also super excited to bring home a little piece of the Colosseum with me.

We walked past the Arch of Constantine near the Colosseum - our guide said one of the reasons it remained intact for so many years is because it is a Christian monument and not one for a Roman god.

We drove past the most beautiful buildings on the bus and the Circus Maximus (where the ancient chariot races took place) and I'm disappointed there just wasn't enough time to stop to see them all. 

The last stop before lunch was the Piazza Navona. I wish we had beautiful parks and common spaces like this in the States.  It was so peaceful to walk around, eating gelato of course, and listening to the fountains and the music of the street performers. 

Ruby, Gary, Houston and I opted to skip lunch in order to walk over to the Pantheon (Houston's favorite). A logical choice, since it would be our only chance to see it. It was so surreal to walk down a normal looking street, turn a corner and BAM! Pantheon.

The dome of the Pantheon is incredible... a concrete dome with a hole in the top. That is some pretty amazing ancient engineering. I wondered out loud about what happens when it rains and water covers the floor??? Houston and I investigated a little and found tiny drains camouflaged in the marble flooring. Those Romans. They thought of everything

Believe it or not, we squeezed all of that in between 8 am and 2 pm. - I'll be back with the rest of the day, and our trip to the Vatican City, soon!

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  1. You look adorable! And you captured every picture so beautifully!! Can't wait to read more of your adventure!!

  2. Thank you, Daisy! I was hard to pack for 10 days and try to be cute while walking 10 miles a day. LOL.

  3. Thank you, friend. Houston gets most of the photo credits. We only took one DSLR and I used the point-and-shoot Canon.

  4. wow!! Gorgeous photos!! I don't know how you adjusted to their time so readily though! traveling that far wipes me out for daaaaays. =)

  5. Were you allowed to touch the Colosseum?? Man, that would be awesome.

  6. Yep. There weren't any signs saying not to... The stone is incredible! :0)

  7. Laura, normally I get wiped out on a trip across country and sleep for a whole day! -- I must have been REALLY excited. Hit me like a ton of bricks when I got home though.