Friday, October 10, 2014

Italy Part 2 (Rome)

See our journey to Italy (Part 1) here

After a quick nap at the hotel, we were off to find a pizza place! Hooray for pizza and the beginning of my “calories don’t count” vacation.  We walked down the most beautiful streets and I was in awe at the cobbled streets, amazing stairways and random sculptures.

We found Houston's favorite pizza place and he wasn't exaggerating about how delicious it was.  I mean, I wish I had conditioned my stomach for competitive eating so that I would be to be able to eat some more of it!!!

Then we were off to find the Trevi Fountain - one of the things I was most excited to see.

Much to our disappointment, the fountain was completely empty and covered with scaffolding.  Apparently it has been closed for cleaning and probably will be closed for several more months.  Bummer. I still wanted to get a few photos with the empty fountain, because it was an absolute dream to even be there in the first place!

Once we were back at the hotel, we sat through a quick trip orientation and then it was off to dinner.

Dinner was delicious (a girl could get used to 3-course dinners) and I got to enjoy my first cup of gelato - an adorable little cup with chocolate and vanilla.  Yum.

Needless to say, when we got back to the hotel at 9:30 pm I was exhausted and so grateful to fall into bed and sleep.

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  1. Awww Rome! Italy has the best pizza, pasta and gelato. Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures!

  2. Thank YOU for reading, Heather. <3