Thursday, October 9, 2014

Italy Part 1 (Travel Day)

If you read this post, then you know that I just got home from an amazing Italian adventure. I couldn't wait another day to start sharing, so let me start at the beginning.

I worked my tail off to get head in my online college coursework so I wouldn't have to be stressed about doing homework while on vacation. Somehow I managed to finish my midterm and week 4 assignments before leaving the states and I had a plan for completing week 5 while abroad (and I was praying for a strong WiFi signal). Thank you Lord, for getting me through that couple of days with practically no sleep.

Traveling while getting an education, it can be done! It is hard work, but it can be done!

So, we embarked on our Italian vacation at three o'clock in the morning on Wednesday for our 6:30 flight.  I had the great delight of thanking a group of young marines for their service to our country while I waited in the TSA security line. Side note: I think service men and women should be allowed to board an airplane first, regardless of the section they sit in. They deserve the space for their carry-ons much more than I do for my bag of snacks.

I finished some more reading for next week's assignments, watched Million Dollar Armand tried to stay awake on the first leg of our trip, to Atlanta. Why? Because I was deathly afraid of getting jet lag. 

The plan was: stay awake from Los Angeles to Atlanta and sleep from Atlanta to Rome to avoid getting jet lag. Our flight was scheduled to arrive in Rome at 6:30 in the morning (10:30 pm in California). 

In Atlanta we grabbed some lunch, met up with Ruby and Gary, and ordered some cocktails (an attempt at knocking myself out for the nine hour flight to Rome).

I don't know if it was anxiety about the long flight, my excitement or the fact that I could watch Disney movies for free on the flight (winning!), but I barely slept on the plane.  We're talking three hours... maybe.  Houston was really worried I would be a jet lagged zombie for the first couple days!

Going through immigration for the first time was an experience. I had my passport open as I approached the window and the attendant simply waved me through.  Thank you, America. The only downside to an expedient immigration experience was that I didn't get a stamp in my passport.  Ugh!!!

We gathered our bags, waited for the rest of the tour group to arrive and then boarded our tour bus.  Hooray!

A nearly two hour drive through the crowded streets of Rome (where I proceeded to finally fall asleep) was followed by a much needed shower, a quick nap and a wardrobe change. 

And then, my friends, the real adventure began!

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