Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday Wish List No. 18

So I have never been a big "make-up" girl. At one time in my life I was obsessed with Kevyn Aucoin's book Making Faces, but try as I might, I just don't have a knack for face art with foundation and lipstick.

As I am getting older (groan) I have noticed the color under my eyes is a little darker and the glow in my skin is a little duller. - Staring at a computer screen for 10+ hours a day will do that to you. So I've stalked a few YouTube videos for a couple weeks and dreamed of being able to contour, shade and blend like a pro.

It probably isn't going to happen, so for now I will just settle on a couple items that may actually help my minimalist makeup look a little better.

The Beauty Blender - I am having a hard time splurging on a $20 sponge, but everything I read says to skip the imitation sponges and just buy the original out of the gate. - Kind of hard to justify when the "imitation" sponges are a fourth of the price at Ulta.

L'Oreal Paris BB Cream - I always thought BB Creams were just another item that genius marketing professionals had convinced us we need. My jaw hit the floor when I saw Kandee Johnson put on this BB Cream and it instantly evened her skin tone! It was magic in a tube. I'll probably hit up Target this weekend for some of my own.

Laura Mercier Concealer - This was another item I saw Kandee use and the finish was flawless - something I have yet to achieve on the soft skin under my eyes. Is it worth the price tag? I haven't yet decided.

Do you have any makeup staples that you swear by? I would love to hear about them (especially if they don't give me heart failure when I hear the price).

YouTube accounts I am currently stalking:

Savannah Wallace - Maiedae
Kandee Johnson
Meg - ciaoobelllaxo

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  1. Hmmm the beauty blender seems like something I may look into! I don't use a ton of makeup myself so I hear ya on the usual minimal routine.

    1. Natalie - I like what I have seen with the beauty blender, for those of us with minimal makeup, it doesn't make the foundation/concealer look caked on!