Monday, September 8, 2014

The Fab Five Reunited

Life gets in the way of things. Coffee dates, movie nights, spa days are replaced by work, homes to care for and families to raise. Life and its time killing abilities fly by in fast forward and before you know it, it has been years since you had a get-together with your closest girlfriends.

Four years, three weddings, two babies. To be exact.

Leah's wedding in 2010 was the last time all five of us were together.

Once attached at the hip, the five of us enjoyed life and singleness to the fullest. When I think of my 20's, I think of the Fab Five. My group of four girlfriends (plus me) that filled my weekends with fun and filled my love tankwith words of affirmation.

The last time Brittany and I had dinner (in July to celebrate her April birthday) I said I would try to coordinate a day to get everyone together. Imagine my surprise when it actually worked! I planned 5 weeks in advance and I got to see all four of their lovely faces in one room at one time! - A miracle. (I am actually still in shock that it worked out!)

My, how things have changed.

In the last four years we have tried our best to stay connected, even if it meant we didn't get to lay eyes on one another.

Alisha always reads my blog and posts the sweetest words of encouragement.
Brittany always showers me with thoughtful gifts (her love language) and quarterly dinner dates.
Leah always keeps my secrets and let's me know she is thinking of me even if we don't get to talk often.
Shauna always listens to my venting and follows up with my prayer requests long after I asked her to lift me up.

Needless to say, the sweet babies stole the show and were the main topic of conversation. - I mean, they babble, drool and giggle when you play peek-a-boo. Adorable. We played "pass the baby" a lot.

It was so wonderful to catch up with my friends and to have time with "the girls" like we used to - and we all love the additional two little ladies in our group.

Hopefully we can make this visit happen again at least once before another four years passes.


  1. This is so sweet! I love that y'all were able to finally get together again. Those babies are so precious!!

  2. I love this! Yay for getting together with all your friends and Brittany!!!! :-)

    1. Sometimes we ladies just need a "girls day" :0)

  3. That is so special! As much as motherhood will undoubtedly change things in my life, I think it will also make those get-together times all the sweeter!

    Also, what sweet babies!

  4. We had such a wonderful day. :0) It is still crazy to me that MY friends have babies (are we old enough to do that???)

  5. I totally can relate! In college we were all so close and then we all moved out states and countries away.

  6. It is amazing when you stop to think about how long we go without seeing our friends. :0(