Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Goodbye Summer

Yesterday was the "last day of summer" - a depressing thought, except that I live in Southern California where it is generally 75 degrees on Christmas day! I guess I still have a couple more weeks to try to make it to the beach and have a nap on the hot sand.

But because Labor Day has come and gone, today I start another non-stop 16 weeks of course work (I have two, eight-week classes, back to back) and I am wishing I didn't have last week off as a break. Having a break for 5 days makes me realize just how much "free" time I would have without the studying/paper-writing/test taking. *sigh* But the next 18 months is the end of a very belated, challenging and exhausting journey to get my education. - I plan on going straight from the graduation ceremony to my bed and not waking up for at least two days.

But it was nice to have a week off to re-charge and I am actually excited for this particular course - I think it will have a lot of valuable resources for this blog... and that makes me ready to start studying!

But before the class began, we finished off the summer and my one-week hiatus with a jammed packed Labor Day weekend! It was so nice to be outside - even though I can't do a THING with my frizzy hair when there is humidity in the air. A messy bun and greasy bangs were the end result.

Saturday was spent celebrating Henry's 2nd birthday. (Henry is Derek's son, Derek is Houston's best friend). It was a beautiful and sunny day and we had such a wonderful time watching Henry chase balloons and devour his birthday cupcakes! - What a difference a year can make... last year he wouldn't eat his smash cake!

Sunday we got to spend time with Leah and Justin and their baby Carrie. Needless to say, I am in love with that baby. Her smile, laugh and fantastic baby-rolls make me turn into the crazy baby lady. I love babies. Apparently I love this girl so much that I took 80 photos of her and not a single photo of me and her mama. (Sorry Leah).

Monday was spent in Long Beach with amazing weather! We welcomed the change in temperature since it was in the 90's at home and only 80 degrees in Long Beach. Thank you coastal breeze! We saw a movie (November Man), ate at Maggiano's and checked out some Labor Day sales.

And now it is Monday Tuesday. My desk at work is piled high and so is my CBU course work. One thing at a time... One thing at a time.

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