Friday, July 11, 2014

Shower Curtain Conundrum

So I have solved the shower curtain conundrum…

HERE is the link to what my darling new bathroom looked like with the remnants of my leopard bathroom from Moreno Valley. This bathroom is significantly smaller than my old bathroom and I feel like the dark rug and shower curtain made the space feel like a cave. Also, I may have outgrown my obsession with leopard with the exception being my blanket Emily bought me in Tijuana. I am keeping that thing until it falls apart!

So I decided I needed a new shower curtain, bath mat and some pretty hand towels and the shopping began!

Brittany has the most lovely shower curtain from Anthropologie in my favorite mint color, the Flamenco Shower Curtain. I love Anthro and the pretty assortment of items it sells. The price point is often (if not always) out of my frugal spending zone, and that my friends, is a total bummer.

Isn’t it beautiful?

My frugal conundrum did, however, launch me into an Anthropologie hack HERE and a full-fledged manhunt for the perfect shower curtain.

Many hours on Pinterest yielded a few potential results:

You may remember this one from my Wednesday Wish List a while back HERE. When I found it online had it listed at $68. Yikes. That is still too much for a shower curtain. I did find the same one at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and seriously contemplated purchasing it for $45 with the help of my trusty coupons (have I lost my mind?) but the price made me sick to my stomach. Thank you overpriced shower curtain for convincing me I do not need you.

This one was from Kohl’s, the Madison Park Chester Curtain and fit the bill for a light and airy color scheme. Are you noticing a pattern in my color choices?  But I did not love it, and it was still overpriced even on sale and with a coupon. $35. Pass.

I like this one, the Reiko Floral curtain. It is pretty, but I think I like the swatch more than I would like the whole curtain. Since it is not available in any store nearby and the photo online doesn’t show the whole thing, I just couldn’t commit to the “buy” button. I did, however, leave it in my Kohl’ shopping cart for a couple days.

Houston suggested just glancing at TJ Maxx for a shower curtain while we were at browsing at Home Goods next door. *I will never understand why a TJ Maxx carries home d├ęcor items when there is a Home Goods next door.* Lo and behold, a shower curtain that made me declare, “This one! This is what I want.”

A smokey blue curtain with bracket shapes was the perfect pairing of a calming color and a pretty pattern. It doesn’t resemble the Anthro curtain at all, but that is ok, I absolutely love it. Also, does anyone know the actual name of this pattern? No? Bracket shape it is!

I can't wait to show you more of the bathroom, and the rest of the apartment!


  1. LOL!! I *almost* bought the exact same one yesterday!!! Haha- I am waiting it out until I make final color decisions though. But I love it! :-)

    1. Oooohhh... the decision making is the hardest part!