Saturday, July 5, 2014

Blank Slate Part 5 - The Bedroom

I was really scared that I would dislike having a studio apartment. Lucky for me, I LOVE my new little home. I am so glad I prayed and trusted my gut about deciding to move into this apartment instead of a different option further away from where I wanted to be located.

Other than losing the storage for my Christmas tree and holiday decorations, I have figured out a place to keep pretty much everything else.

My “bedroom” faces the ONE window in the apartment, which is a welcome change from my old apartment where the window was behind my bed. It is nice not waking up with the sun beating down on my head.

My nightstand is a mess right now (hello lamp without a lampshade!) and my house plant needs a new pot (it is paying homage to Target at the moment). But this little corner is in transition.  Originally I was going to hang this mirror on the wall, but since my closet is through the kitchen and next to the bathroom, it doesn’t make sense to have my dressing mirror so far away. Also, I may be putting something else on that wall – stay tuned for that exciting piece of furniture!

The coffee table at the foot of my bed will be getting a makeover soon. I need a bench to sit and put on my socks and shoes. I found a fun tutorial and I am enlisting Houston’s handyman skills for the hardware part of the project.

This is the view of the apartment from my coffee table at the foot of my bed. My makeshift “office” is in the right corner – it consists of a printer that serves as my coupon printing station!

My green cabinet has been re-purposed as storage for my office supplies and paper as well as extra candles. (woah that is one severely over exposed photo)

My bookshelf is a hot mess right now - have you ever seen so many scapbooks in one place??? A little too disorganized for my liking. I need to get it together!

One of the extra baskets from my old bathroom has found a new life in the living room holding a cozy blanket and a pillow my Gram made for me. I love having a blanket handy for curling up on the couch while while I watch a movie.

Ugh. Do you see that mess next to the dresser??? Shield your eyes, friends. Shield your eyes! 

The wall behind the dresser has me stumped for decorating. It is a HUGE wall. One big continuous wall from the window to the edge of my bed. I am not sure how to break it up the space or even if I want to. A gallery wall? A big art piece?  Does anyone have any ideas for decorating freakishly long walls?

Only two more little spaces to share and then it is time to show some updates! Hooray!!!  


  1. So fun!!! Enjoy your new space!

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth... it is coming together slowly but surely!

  2. I love what you've done with your new space! I adore your green cabinet for office supplies and candles! (Eeek I need one for my candles too!)

    1. Thank you, Heather! I finally got a few things up on the walls this past weekend. It is amazing what a painting can do for a space!
      Yes, everyone needs a multi-functional adorable cabinet! - I will be on the lookout for one for you!