Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wednesday Wish List No. 8

Hello friends! I have spent all month unpacking my home and simultaneously packing up my desk and other work areas in preparation for our office move this weekend. Needless to say, I am becoming a pretty efficient packing machine. 

This week’s wish list is a hodgepodge of some really pretty things, because life is a little hodgepodgey now and then, isn’t it?

*** if you see something you like, click the corresponding number below ***

1) This adorable dress was showcased on another Elise’s blog and I fell in love as soon as I spotted it. – Eh? Eh? Ok, I will abandon horrible puns in the future. Yet another dress that proves you can be fashionable and classy at the same time. Winning! -- It figures that it is out of stock right now though, right? Dang.
2) I don’t know why I love earrings so much because I literally wear the same pair of pearl earrings every day. I am hoping to build up a little collection of costume jewelry and start accessorizing more this year. I love little studs more than heavy ones – I have a completely irrational fear that I will end up with ugly earlobes if I wear heavy earrings. Oh the things that women worry about.
3) Target has really awesome glass jars for under $10 and I want to put them everywhere in my new home. I have one in the cupboard for cupcake liners, but I am thinking I need a dozen or so to hold everything else. Obsessed much? I would love to have a snack one on the counter, with some cookies or yummy popcorn, but I lack willpower when it comes to sweets.
4) Who would love to have this beautiful hair? I do. How about the ability to do it yourself? Pick me! My hair would have so many frizzy flyaways it would be comical, but Emily at the Freckled-Fox looks positively stunning.
5) I love this print and the radiating positivity.  I think it would look darling in a little frame on my nightstand or on my desk at work. Helpful little reminders keep me focused on the many things I have to be thankful for and keep everything in perspective. It doesn’t hurt that it is another beautifully hand-drawn creation from Jenny Highsmith.
6) Oh baby! T-strap oxfords??? Come to mama. I love the moderate heel height with a classic shoe.
7) I have been looking for a little gray alarm clock for my bathroom counter. Something to keep track of the time while I get ready for work but I don’t want a “standard” sized clock that takes up half the counter. This one from Anthropologie is perfect, except it is too big. Dang it. Be on the lookout, friends. Thank you in advance. In the meantime, I picked up THIS one from Ikea for $0.99. That is a dollar well spent, if you ask me.

I am still working on photos of the new apartment, unpacking and adjusting to my new “normal” commute of 15 minutes.

Thank you for joining me on the crazy journey!


  1. Hi! I'm coming over from the Weeks' End linkup and just want to say that glass jars are great. And I like the updo!

    1. Hi pearl! Thank you for the comment. I love those glass jars. I avoid that department in Target for fear that I would buy them all!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Olivia! Aren't they pretty?!?

  3. Ahh! We have those glass jars (5 different sizes) and we use them all over the house, and we use them for all sorts of things! I keep one in the guest bathroom filled with travel sized toiletries.

    The jars are definitely classic and simple, which means they can be used with just about any decor style. I would definitely suggest getting some!

    1. Rachel - I am going to turn into the crazy-jar-lady, for SURE! Just imagine if I happen to find them on clearance! They will be all over.