Friday, June 20, 2014

I Dream of the Litter Genie

It's no secret that I like free stuff. I mean, duh, who wouldn't like free stuff? Why buy it when you can earn it for free? And that's exactly what I do with Crowdtap. I take a couple of surveys each month and I get some stuff for free! I've talk about free toilet paper here, and free clothes and gift cards here. But last week I got to be included on another awesome sampling opportunity.

Houston has 2 cats at his house. Mimi is a sweet orange moggie (mixed breeds) who loves to cuddle on the couch and Spooks is a beautiful Persian, who is adorable, but is definitely not the brightest crayon in the box.

I am horribly allergic to pet dander, so Houston keeps a pretty big stash of Zyrtec in his medicine cabinet for me. Allergies or not, I absolutely love those cats. In fact, I'm kinda turning into a crazy cat lady!

With two cats in the house, the litter boxes can start to get out of control rather quickly and since I've never had an indoor pet, it's not surprising how sensitive my nose is to a stinky box.

I've tried a couple sprays and  Arm & Hammer Deodorizer to neutralize smells in the laundry room to no avail, and cleaning out the litter box twice a day also means two trips to the trash can outside for Houston because cleaning them out and having a small trash can with poo in it is simply unsatisfactory to me. And yet again, the smell. Yuck.

Enter the Litter Genie!

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This little two foot box is absolutely amazing. It is an odor sealing miracle and a convenient disposal system in one.

You don't know how it works? Well let me fill you in. (p.s. don't you just love the carpet in my new apartment? So much better than my last place.)

The container has a lid through which you dispose of the litter. Just flip it up and dump the stinky litter. 

Can you see the liner? - that's the secret to the genie.  There is a liner that extends from the top of the genie and down into the receptacle. For the sake of this demonstration, I will use a ball and not a wad of kitty waste. Because let's be real, no one wants to see that.

After placing the nasty kitty waste in the genie, close the lid and pull the trap door. The litter falls into the bottom of the container and when you release the door back to the closed position it creates a barrier between the waste and the rest of the world.  In other words: NO STINK!!!

I also love having a holder for the scoop on the side of the genie for quick mess clean up.

When a week or so has passed, open the main compartment by pushing the button on the middle of the genie and tear off the bag with the built in blade (the cutter).  Tie the bag closed and throw the yuck in the trash outside. 

Then tie the end of the bag still inside the genie and pull it down a smidge.  You're now ready to start over and enjoy being a happy cat owner with a stink-free home.

It is a win-win situation. The cats enjoy clean litter boxes and we can enjoy the hassle-free clean up. The genie's compact size makes it easy to place near the litter box without taking up a ton of space and I like that it isn't a total eye-sore. Now everyone can breathe (and sleep) easy!

This post was sponsored by Crowdtap and may also contain affiliate links, but the opinions (and the stink free home) are 100 percent my own.