Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday Wish List No. 7

So, first things first: what do you think of the new “look” of PDBJay? Houston has been my hero while we have been working on rebranding the blog.

Now, let’s be real. Houston has been working on the rebranding, I have been busy changing my mind six thousand times and having a million ideas in my head that I can’t articulate.

I would love some feedback. What do you like and is there anything you don’t like? Thanks friends!

Now, besides being indecisive while Houston was hard at work designing and redesigning graphics, I was surfing the internet for lovely things to include in this week’s wish list!

Ready? Here we go:

*** if you see something you like, click the corresponding number below ***

1) I adore everything about this top. The peach color and flowy fabric are delicate and feminine. Don’t even get me started about the Peter Pan collar. A little lace makes me a very happy lady.

2) I found this fun tool on the Sephora website when I was searching for ways to get the last little bit of lip gloss out of the tube. You know what I am talking about… there is some stuck at the top and a crater at the bottom and you just can’t bear to throw it in the trash knowing there is perfectly good product going to waste. Fear not, friends! This little tool has a flexible wand that allows you to get every last sparkly drop.

3) Makeup is not my “thing.” In fact, I know very little on the subject. A little eyeliner and mascara with some lip gloss and I call it good. These fun polka dotted brushes have me half tempted to binge watch some YouTube videos and try them out. Good thing I also have a stockpile of makeup remover!

4) I’m still trying to figure out just how I am going to decorate and arrange my new place, and I think these salt and pepper shakers would be the perfect decoration in the kitchen and completely functional too.

5) Everyone likes a good back rub, right? A deep tissue massage is just what the doctor ordered. Plus, I like the color.

6) The culprit of my lip gloss dilemma. I love the sparkly Covergirl Wetslicks Lipgloss in Tutu, and hopefully now I won’t have to throw so much of it away… thanks to no. 2.

7) I need some new sneakers. I generally live in sneakers on the weekend, but dislike liking like I am about to hit the gym everywhere I go. These Converse sneakers are the perfect combination of comfortable and cute. And polka dots? Sold.

Thank goodness for a short work week. The weekend is only three days away!


  1. What a fun wish list! Digging those makeup brushes big time. Like you, I am pretty minimal when it comes to the make-up, but those brushes are too fun!

    1. Thanks, Ashley! I've seriously contemplated buying the brushes and just using them as decorations in the bathroom... because I probably wouldn't actually use them! ;0)

  2. I just saw that lip gloss on clearance at a Target today!

    1. I scored one the other night... and with a $2/1 coupon! Lipgloss for $2.05, yes please!!! :0) Thanks for looking out for me, friend.