Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wednesday Wish List No. 4

Happy Wednesday, everyone!!!

I have so much to update you about, but first: homework.  My new class started Monday and it always takes me a couple days to get into the swing of things. I have so many assignments to complete and ask that you forgive me in advance for my brief periods of being absent from the blog world.

I moved into my new apartment this past weekend and I absolutely love it. A home tour and redecorating projects on the way soon! My Wednesday Wish List is very much centered on some things for my cozy new home!

In case you need some help figuring out how to use the wish list, here you go:

I have created a collection of lovely things I have discovered throughout the week and put them all in one pretty picture below. Each item has a number and that number is also listed below the photo, along with a little blurb about why I am currently obsessing about that item. If you click on the number with the blurb, it will take you directly to the website where I found the item so you can start obsessing with me!

1. I love this Ikea frame and have long envisioned a gallery wall with my favorite artwork and photographs of my favorite people.  The white frame is clean looking and the tiny dots make it more interesting than a plain white frame.

2. My new apartment does not have a built in desk like my previous apartment so I am contemplating purchasing a desk. This gray one from Target would is simple and functional but I generally end up sitting on my couch working on homework, so I really don’t know if it would be necessary to my new home.

3. My kitchen needs a makeover, even if it is just a mini one. I have had a wine themed kitchen for the last nine years and I am ready for a change. This sweet utensil organizer is darling and helpful for organizing kitchen clutter!

4. There is one plant in my apartment that I have managed to keep alive, although sometimes barely, for five years. I am thinking it may be time to add a little more to the home d├ęcor in the form of some pretty succulents. I also hear they are pretty hard to kill, so that is an added bonus.

5. Like my kitchen, my bathroom has had the same leopard shower curtain for nine years. Obviously if something isn’t broken, I don’t replace it. That is frugality at its finest. I fell head over heels in love with Brittany’s shower curtain, but I just cannot bring myself to pay much more than $25 for a shower curtain. I did find this one at Sears, but it is still a bit pricey. I am hoping my google skills will again prove victorious and I will be able to find one that fits in my price range.

6. I love having a home that smells of freshly baked sweets. Cupcakes, cookies, muffins, I love them all! This delicious smelling candle is my favorite and I literally have an entire box of different sized ones to scatter all over my new home. The new place smells like carpet and paint at the moment.

7. I suppose this isn’t really an item for my wish list, since I already purchased it, but it was such a great deal I just had to share it. Apothecary jars are so pretty to place around the house. You can fill them with wine corks, nail polishes, or cotton balls like I did! It is such a good price at world market and I like that the lid isn’t a funny shape.

8. Churros. Do I really need to explain why this is on my wish list? Churros are made with delicious, deep fried dough, rolled in cinnamon sugar. Oh my! But here is the real reason this recipe is on my wish list: my Instagram and Bloglovin feeds exploded yesterday with the story of Ryan, an adorable redheaded three year old and the son of Jacqui, the churro making mama at Baby Boy Bakery. Ryan was killed tragically last Friday and I can’t stop thinking about their beautiful family. If you feel compelled to help this hurting family in any way, please find more information about how you can contribute here  or here and above all else, pray for Jacqui and her husband Dan. #RedBalloonsForRyan

I'm sorry to end this post on such a downer, but that sweet family needs prayers and support.

I promise to be back soon with some home updates and photos, even if it is only a single photo of my cotton ball filled apothecary jar!


  1. Love the shower curtain- but even the Sears version would be out of my price range as well!

    1. Clarissa - I KNOW!!! I just can't believe how expensive shower curtains are! I just can't justify buying one just because I want something different when the one I have now works just fine.

  2. Pretty succulents! I actually just made some pretty succulent pots for some of my mom friends/family for Mother's Day! I love that shower curtain, too!

    1. Jenna - I love the pots you made! Mint and gold polka dots??? Be still my heart!

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting! <3

  3. I love that teal Owl! Actually I love all those items:)