Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wednesday Wish List No. 3

Well, I didn't make it.  It isn't Wednesday, but are you ready for my weekly list of new favorite things???

Topping the list is Miss Harper Grace. 

That's right, my other best friend had her baby

I had to wait a whole day to meet her (A WHOLE DAY!) but I was so happy to rush from work yesterday to take her photo before she turned one day old. Fresh baby photos totally trump the wish list post. Sorry friends.

(Right now I am protecting their family's privacy and not posting any photos of their newest addition... but I am sure I will have photos to share soon.)

Now onto other beautiful things.

Has anyone else noticed how “in” nautical inspired pieces are right now? Seriously, there is an anchor and some navy stripes everywhere I look! I’m not complaining, I’m jumping on the Ralph Lauren-ish trend train!

***click on the corresponding number below to go straight to the product***

1. This printable invitation inspired my wish list this week.  It is the most darling invitation designed by Leelee and Sumsum (Leelee is my other bestie who just had a baby). My final project for my Public Relations course was a media kit for their company and I used this print as inspiration for the color palette and newsletter! It looked beautiful, and I got an “A”. Heck yes!
2. I love this Michael Kors bag, but hate the price tag.  I found THIS one that is more reasonably priced and the bag is adorable (maybe even more than the super pricey one?).
3. It's a rope. It's a lamp. It's a rope lamp!!! Genius. And perfect for any Beach decor.
4. Totally bought another pair of my FAVORITE Payless shoes. Thank you again, comfy shoes!
5. This is the perfect summer dress.  (MayI just rant for one second? Some of the photos I have seen from Stagecoach last weekend are APPALLING and some of those young ladies could use a dash of class - and maybe a dress like this) Add a little red and it is an all American outfit for Memorial Day or the 4th of July! God bless America!
6. These Etsy prints from Lovely Face Designs go perfectly with the Leelee and Sumsum print!
7. Isn't this table nifty? Talk about a conversation piece! I think it would go well in a library... if you have a library.
8. Shall we go sailing? Just let me grab my coral colored bag – the cheerful color makes me smile. 

Happy Wednesday Thursday loves! The great moving adventure is about to begin and I am positively bursting with excitement! Could be the good grades/baby/moving combination, but I think it is mostly me looking forward to getting some sleep!


  1. That rope lamp has stolen my heart <3

  2. You know I LOVE this post!!!! I am really trying to justify buying that MK bag...the cheaper one...Mother's a Day is coming up:).

    Oh and I love your rant!!!!

    1. I totally thought of you when I decided nautical was the way to go for WWL #3. And you should totally buy the bag... and then let me borrow it. ;0)

  3. Replies
    1. Me too, Elizabeth! It is so classy!