Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday Wish List No. 7

So, first things first: what do you think of the new “look” of PDBJay? Houston has been my hero while we have been working on rebranding the blog.

Now, let’s be real. Houston has been working on the rebranding, I have been busy changing my mind six thousand times and having a million ideas in my head that I can’t articulate.

I would love some feedback. What do you like and is there anything you don’t like? Thanks friends!

Now, besides being indecisive while Houston was hard at work designing and redesigning graphics, I was surfing the internet for lovely things to include in this week’s wish list!

Ready? Here we go:

*** if you see something you like, click the corresponding number below ***

1) I adore everything about this top. The peach color and flowy fabric are delicate and feminine. Don’t even get me started about the Peter Pan collar. A little lace makes me a very happy lady.

2) I found this fun tool on the Sephora website when I was searching for ways to get the last little bit of lip gloss out of the tube. You know what I am talking about… there is some stuck at the top and a crater at the bottom and you just can’t bear to throw it in the trash knowing there is perfectly good product going to waste. Fear not, friends! This little tool has a flexible wand that allows you to get every last sparkly drop.

3) Makeup is not my “thing.” In fact, I know very little on the subject. A little eyeliner and mascara with some lip gloss and I call it good. These fun polka dotted brushes have me half tempted to binge watch some YouTube videos and try them out. Good thing I also have a stockpile of makeup remover!

4) I’m still trying to figure out just how I am going to decorate and arrange my new place, and I think these salt and pepper shakers would be the perfect decoration in the kitchen and completely functional too.

5) Everyone likes a good back rub, right? A deep tissue massage is just what the doctor ordered. Plus, I like the color.

6) The culprit of my lip gloss dilemma. I love the sparkly Covergirl Wetslicks Lipgloss in Tutu, and hopefully now I won’t have to throw so much of it away… thanks to no. 2.

7) I need some new sneakers. I generally live in sneakers on the weekend, but dislike liking like I am about to hit the gym everywhere I go. These Converse sneakers are the perfect combination of comfortable and cute. And polka dots? Sold.

Thank goodness for a short work week. The weekend is only three days away!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Wednesday Wish List No. 6

A three day weekend is coming! A three day weekend is coming! 

To say that I am excited would be an understatement. The last three day weekend was spent in the 100 degree heat moving boxes from one apartment to another. Yuck.

I have a ton of updates on the new homestead for those of you who are wondering how things are going if only I could find the time to jot it all down. I’ll figure it out quickly. I promise.

So this weekend is Memorial Day and since I get a three day weekend in honor of the wonderful men and women who have faithfully served our country, I figure the least I could do is wake up early on Saturday morning and honor their memories. Yes, it is time to place flags at the Riverside National Cemetery again. For more information, see THIS post from Veterans Day 2013. It is such a wonderful way to remember and respect true American heroes.  

Needless to say, I have been feeling patriotic, and with Memorial Day and 4th of July on the horizon I decided this week’s Wednesday Wish List should be all about the red, white and blue. May it forever wave.

Now for the pretties:

*** if you see something you like, click the corresponding number below ***

1) This scarf is so pretty and the vintage American colors! It is from an Etsy seller which is always a bonus since I love supporting home based or private businesses!
2) Now if only I could find my Ikea candle holders for these candles. The price for three of them can’t be beat and there are multiple sets available… just in case you need more than three. – Would make a great centerpiece for a backyard BBQ, don’t you think?
3) It is hot in California, 90 degrees or more hot, and this head scarf will keep my frizzy hair from getting too crazy.
4) This is the paper garland that inspired me to purchase a sewing machine last year. I still haven’t pulled the machine out of the box, but I like to think I will... someday. Yellow Bird Yellow Beard is no longer selling items, a total bummer, but Janee still posts flash sales occasionally on Instagram if you’re interested.
5) Old Navy tank top for the summer! Lightweight cotton is a must and I like the slightly distressed look.
6) I am not one to wear shorts. In fact, today my co-workers and I were discussing the lack of shorts in our wardrobes. Maybe a couple more months in the gym and some butt-kicking-yoga and I may brave a cute pair of bermuda shorts like these. No promises.
7) More inexpensive options for taming the frizzy hair this summer! Some super cute headbands that can be used with other outfits and not just the patriotic themed ones. The striped one would be great with a nautical inspired outfit too.
8) Why don’t these come in my size??? To my friends with little girls: GO BUY THESE RIGHT NOW. Currently I am on the hunt for some navy sandals so I can make them myself. They make me smile.
9) Every couch needs a little ‘murica, don’t you think? This pillow would look great with some navy ones or something with burlap.

I hope the rest of your work week goes by quickly and that you get to enjoy the extended weekend. I see some naps in the sunshine and a couple icy cold beverages in my future. The future is looking bright.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday Wish List No. 5

I think we have established that I am frugal. I'm pretty careful with my money and selective in practically every purchase. I try to win free toilet paper online and always use the free mascaras from my Clinique gift-with-purchases. Heck, I met Houston while I was couponing!

But I literally almost bought a $65.00 shower curtain last week. What is wrong with me?

See, the problem is that I like Anthropologie. I like the clothes, the adorable aprons, the pretty candles and the lovely home decor. Now, you're asking yourself “why is that a problem?” It’s a problem because I nearly have a heart attack every time I look at a price tag in the store.

So for fun, I thought I would create an Anthropologie hack for this week’s Wednesday Wish List. A list of pretty items from Anthropologie and their less expensive doppelgangers I found online!

1. First up, the shower curtain that started it all! THIS Anthropologie shower curtain has created a frugal girl’s nightmare for me. I did, however, find THIS look alike at and Sorry to use it two weeks in a row, but it is pretty. Enough said.

2. It’s no secret that I love polka dots. Lately I have had a fascination with gold decals (love these ones used in my best friend's baby's nursery) and these pillows are adorable. The Anthro version HERE has slightly bigger dots than the Etsy version HERE, but I love supporting small businesses on Etsy.

3. I don’t have a place for a settee, but I am seriously hoping someday that I do.  The Anthropologie version HERE is a low profile compared to THIS one, but they are both beautiful, and I love the unique legs on both of them! 

4. Hair elastics. Now who would have thought that hair elastics could be considered overpriced. Well, believe you me, when I found the Anthro elastics HERE were six times the price of THESE ones I almost fainted!

5. This is another Anthropologie design that haunts me. THIS vase, and the collection it belongs to, is so pretty. Even as an empty vase, it is stunning. THIS lovely little thing is a frugal girl’s dream, and I actually like the pink flower better!

6. Knobs have really taken off on Etsy and I always like to look through the collection at the Anthropologie store. THIS one is from Anthro and THESE are handmade from Esty.

So which one is your favorite Anthropologie hack?  

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wednesday Wish List No. 4

Happy Wednesday, everyone!!!

I have so much to update you about, but first: homework.  My new class started Monday and it always takes me a couple days to get into the swing of things. I have so many assignments to complete and ask that you forgive me in advance for my brief periods of being absent from the blog world.

I moved into my new apartment this past weekend and I absolutely love it. A home tour and redecorating projects on the way soon! My Wednesday Wish List is very much centered on some things for my cozy new home!

In case you need some help figuring out how to use the wish list, here you go:

I have created a collection of lovely things I have discovered throughout the week and put them all in one pretty picture below. Each item has a number and that number is also listed below the photo, along with a little blurb about why I am currently obsessing about that item. If you click on the number with the blurb, it will take you directly to the website where I found the item so you can start obsessing with me!

1. I love this Ikea frame and have long envisioned a gallery wall with my favorite artwork and photographs of my favorite people.  The white frame is clean looking and the tiny dots make it more interesting than a plain white frame.

2. My new apartment does not have a built in desk like my previous apartment so I am contemplating purchasing a desk. This gray one from Target would is simple and functional but I generally end up sitting on my couch working on homework, so I really don’t know if it would be necessary to my new home.

3. My kitchen needs a makeover, even if it is just a mini one. I have had a wine themed kitchen for the last nine years and I am ready for a change. This sweet utensil organizer is darling and helpful for organizing kitchen clutter!

4. There is one plant in my apartment that I have managed to keep alive, although sometimes barely, for five years. I am thinking it may be time to add a little more to the home d├ęcor in the form of some pretty succulents. I also hear they are pretty hard to kill, so that is an added bonus.

5. Like my kitchen, my bathroom has had the same leopard shower curtain for nine years. Obviously if something isn’t broken, I don’t replace it. That is frugality at its finest. I fell head over heels in love with Brittany’s shower curtain, but I just cannot bring myself to pay much more than $25 for a shower curtain. I did find this one at Sears, but it is still a bit pricey. I am hoping my google skills will again prove victorious and I will be able to find one that fits in my price range.

6. I love having a home that smells of freshly baked sweets. Cupcakes, cookies, muffins, I love them all! This delicious smelling candle is my favorite and I literally have an entire box of different sized ones to scatter all over my new home. The new place smells like carpet and paint at the moment.

7. I suppose this isn’t really an item for my wish list, since I already purchased it, but it was such a great deal I just had to share it. Apothecary jars are so pretty to place around the house. You can fill them with wine corks, nail polishes, or cotton balls like I did! It is such a good price at world market and I like that the lid isn’t a funny shape.

8. Churros. Do I really need to explain why this is on my wish list? Churros are made with delicious, deep fried dough, rolled in cinnamon sugar. Oh my! But here is the real reason this recipe is on my wish list: my Instagram and Bloglovin feeds exploded yesterday with the story of Ryan, an adorable redheaded three year old and the son of Jacqui, the churro making mama at Baby Boy Bakery. Ryan was killed tragically last Friday and I can’t stop thinking about their beautiful family. If you feel compelled to help this hurting family in any way, please find more information about how you can contribute here  or here and above all else, pray for Jacqui and her husband Dan. #RedBalloonsForRyan

I'm sorry to end this post on such a downer, but that sweet family needs prayers and support.

I promise to be back soon with some home updates and photos, even if it is only a single photo of my cotton ball filled apothecary jar!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wednesday Wish List No. 3

Well, I didn't make it.  It isn't Wednesday, but are you ready for my weekly list of new favorite things???

Topping the list is Miss Harper Grace. 

That's right, my other best friend had her baby

I had to wait a whole day to meet her (A WHOLE DAY!) but I was so happy to rush from work yesterday to take her photo before she turned one day old. Fresh baby photos totally trump the wish list post. Sorry friends.

(Right now I am protecting their family's privacy and not posting any photos of their newest addition... but I am sure I will have photos to share soon.)

Now onto other beautiful things.

Has anyone else noticed how “in” nautical inspired pieces are right now? Seriously, there is an anchor and some navy stripes everywhere I look! I’m not complaining, I’m jumping on the Ralph Lauren-ish trend train!

***click on the corresponding number below to go straight to the product***

1. This printable invitation inspired my wish list this week.  It is the most darling invitation designed by Leelee and Sumsum (Leelee is my other bestie who just had a baby). My final project for my Public Relations course was a media kit for their company and I used this print as inspiration for the color palette and newsletter! It looked beautiful, and I got an “A”. Heck yes!
2. I love this Michael Kors bag, but hate the price tag.  I found THIS one that is more reasonably priced and the bag is adorable (maybe even more than the super pricey one?).
3. It's a rope. It's a lamp. It's a rope lamp!!! Genius. And perfect for any Beach decor.
4. Totally bought another pair of my FAVORITE Payless shoes. Thank you again, comfy shoes!
5. This is the perfect summer dress.  (MayI just rant for one second? Some of the photos I have seen from Stagecoach last weekend are APPALLING and some of those young ladies could use a dash of class - and maybe a dress like this) Add a little red and it is an all American outfit for Memorial Day or the 4th of July! God bless America!
6. These Etsy prints from Lovely Face Designs go perfectly with the Leelee and Sumsum print!
7. Isn't this table nifty? Talk about a conversation piece! I think it would go well in a library... if you have a library.
8. Shall we go sailing? Just let me grab my coral colored bag – the cheerful color makes me smile. 

Happy Wednesday Thursday loves! The great moving adventure is about to begin and I am positively bursting with excitement! Could be the good grades/baby/moving combination, but I think it is mostly me looking forward to getting some sleep!