Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday Wishlist #1

I discover so many fun things during the week that I pin to Pinterest (sometimes) or things that I admire for a moment but never get the chance to actually share them with anyone.

The remedy?

My weekly Wednesday Wishlist of my new favorite things!!! The link to the items are below (click the number from the list to see more info). Enjoy!

1)   I have been on the hunt for these candle pillars at Ikea, and wouldn’t you believe last time that I was there they had every color except white? PPffffttt.
2)   It is a pretty clock in my favorite color. Need I say more?
3)      I love this long flowy skirt and I am only disappointed that I didn't find it sooner… it would have been great for Easter – which makes me realize I don’t have a new outfit for Sunday. Dang it.
4)      Pretty pink polish is a MUST for spring, and I am ashamed to say it has been two months since my last pedicure. I think I may have to stop by the mall on my way home from work tomorrow.
5)      I “LOVE” organization and I can think of a million different things to put in this sweet little dish – earrings, paperclips or bobby pins. The options are endless, and the price is right too!
6)      Besides polka dots, I have a serious weakness for all things girly, and this dainty necklace is right up my alley!
7) Could they be any more delightfully feminine? I may just have to break my ballet flat purchasing streak and spend some tax refund money on these babies.
8)     The scarf situation is getting a little out of hand at home and I love how simple and inexpensive this space saving option is!

Thanks for checking out my favorites from this week, use the hashtag #WednesdayWishlist!

Thanks, loves!

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