Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Movin' and a Shakin'

I don't like change. It's as simple as that. I have a really hard time when things don't go as I have planned and I'm not one to roll with the punches. I have talked about how I am a planner, HERE, and how I am trying to let go of my death grip on life - I am failing miserably at it by the way .

Two years ago I started on a journey with work that would push me to the brink of exhaustion, help me meet the man of my dreams, and make me grow as an individual. 

I became a commuter. 

I had always considered my drive to work in the morning a commute, all 45 minutes of it, but when I was transferred to a different office I realized I had absolutely no concept of what real commuting was. A post about that to follow soon.

[seriously, did no one realize that was a bad number for the front of the train???]

All of that to say, I am still commuting a couple days a week and there's very little margin in my days - which is also one of the reasons why I insist on planning so much. I'm trying to squeeze as much as I can into a tiny window of time. Just ask my mom, she will tell you that I never just stop by to say hello... and she only lives 15 minutes from my place!

But here's the dilemma: either I suck it up and keep commuting 15 plus hours a week [yes 15 hours a week] or I move.

-Insert panic and complete freak out here.-

I have lived in my current apartment for 7 years. 7 years! In that time, my best friend, Leah, has moved 3 times, got married and had a baby. To put it in perspective, when I moved into my apartment the razor was the "it" phone to have, and an iPhone hadn't even been introduced to the world. Bob Barker was still hosting the Price is Right (my favorite show) and the Kardashians had not completely taken over television and caused IQ scores to plummet [why did you turn my television over to them Bob??? WHY???]. Crazy right?

I HATE the thought of moving. This little apartment is my home. My fear of moving is composed of a couple things:

I dislike change and nearly every time I've moved in the past, it has been due to something slightly traumatic.

I know where everything is in my home... moving disrupts my comfort level.  What if I need to find the pink post-it note with a bicycle on it and it is no longer in the second drawer under the crayola markers???  -- control much???

Third floor apartment.  Enough said.

I love my little place... what if I move and hate my new apartment? I will curse the day I decided to move away from my castle in the sky - have I mentioned it is on the third floor?

With all honesty, I was am a drama queen, so moving is not all that terrible, its just a big decision that I've been avoiding for quite some time... like four years avoiding. UGH.

So, I did what any good planner would do... I made a list of pros and cons.

So, is my long term comfort and SLEEP worth the discomfort of moving my small collection of belongings 45 minutes away?
I think so friends, I think so. For almost the same price a month, I can save between 7 and 10 hours commuting a week!  That is an entire workday for some people.

Pray with me and encourage me on this journey, please.  I am scared out of my mind.

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