Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Bestie's Baby Shower and Logo Gift Wrap

Two years ago, my refrigerator was covered with wedding invitations.  This year, it's baby season!!!

Yesterday, one of my besties had her baby shower for her sweet baby girl, Harper Grace.

Let me just tell you, that baby is one lucky lady. She was so blessed yesterday and the shower was beautiful! The hostesses really outdid themselves.  The decorations were beautiful and the shabby chic theme was precious. 

I knew I didn't want to wrap my shower gifts in anything super pink (since Shauna doesn't really like pink in general) and thought it would be fun to coordinate with the rustic theme of burlap and lace.

I wrapped the gifts with kraft paper and then decorated with twine and pearls. A doodle with the little lady's name (based on a Little BabyGarvin's doodle) and a flower on top.  Perfectly dainty. 

I also got a few football themed gifts and since Aaron coaches football at Norco High School, I wanted to tie that into my giftwrap as well. I have good penmanship, but I am horrible at drawing/sketching. So I had to get creative and figure out how to get the Norco logo on the present.

Originally I thought I was just going to use carbon tracing paper, but I kept forgetting to stop at Joann’s on the way home. So I improvised.  It worked pretty well, other than a couple pulls from the sharpie and mistakes on my part.

So I figured I would show you how I did it. 

I printed my logo I wanted to trace on plain white computer paper in black ink and wrapped my gift with brown Kraft paper that I purchased at Target for $4.99. I creased the edges really well and then unfolded the paper.

Then I lined up the logo sheet with the top crease (making the logo appear on the top of the box) and taped it down so it wouldn’t shift around while I was tracing. Be sure to tape it image side down so when you flip the paper over the image will be facing the right way.

Untape the box from kraft paper and place on top of your lightbox.  I’m too cheap to purchase an actual 
lightbox, so I use an old box lamp - I just have to watch that whatever I am tracing doesn’t get too hot. Trace your image and voila! Logo giftwrap! Re-wrap the box, lining up the creases and finish wrapping.  Decorate with additional embellishments if you would like!


Congratulations Keck family!  I can’t wait to meet your beautiful baby girl!

*photos copyright polkadottedbluejay* 

Easy Stenciled Gift Wrap

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