Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Great Cat Rescue of 2014

Sometimes your heart gets broken in the strangest ways.  Case and point?  Elliot the cat.

[the first photo of Elliot - at my doorway]

Elliot showed up at my apartment complex one weekend and lovingly followed me to the mailbox, to my car and even to my apartment door.  He did this with every other resident too, but for the sake of the story, he fell in love with ME.

This went on for almost two weeks.  Neighbors put out cans of cat food in the parking lot and it was clear to me that someone evil had moved out and dumped their pet in the parking lot on the way out. 

I begged friends on Facebook to come save him (sorry to those of you who I bothered relentlessly).  I called shelters and rescues hoping a “no kill” center would be able to take him in.  No dice.  My darling boyfriend comforted me as I cried (a lot) over the sweet cat who followed me to my door every evening and forced me to close the door in his sweet little face.  I couldn’t stand the thought of him going to the shelter to be euthanized if someone caught him

When it rained for two days, that was it.  I had to do something.

So, I borrowed a cat carrier from Mary at work and lured Elliot into it with some delicious wet cat food.  He was one smart kitty, leaving one leg sticking out of the carrier, but I gently scooted him in and closed the cage.

He then death rolled like a crocodile in the cage.


Now I had him in a cage and had no idea what to do next.  I had called a local vet that was open on Saturdays and I figured I would take him to be checked/given shots/etc. but other than that I had no plan.

My apartment charges a pet deposit and monthly pet rent, and did I mention I am horribly allergic to pet dander???  (I’m dreaming of the day I can finally get my darling hypoallergenic puppy!!!) 

So I took him up to my patio and begged him to stop crying.  Houston said to let him out and assured me that he wouldn’t make a flying leap from my third floor balcony (I wasn’t so sure… he was pissed!)

So I opened the cage and went inside.  Elliot emerged and meowed/growled at me to let me know he was NOT happy.  He then scampered across the roof of the apartment to my neighbor’s third floor patio!


Ten minutes later, he came back.  I had food on my patio, they did not.  And there he stayed while I freaked out inside.

[isn't he beautiful???]

In a last ditch effort before trying to catch him again (since I didn’t really see that happening) I googled “No kill cat rescue Inland Empire” and called the first one that popped up.

“Hope to Homes for Cats”

An angel named Marita answered the phone.

She said she had placed a cat in a home that morning and was in Banning for an appointment and asked if it would be alright if she came to pick him up after 1:00.  Praise the Lord!  God even answers prayers about stray cats.  He is faithful in ALL things.

I then enjoyed the next 4 hours watching “my” cat alternately snooze in the sunshine and in the shade.  He seemed so friendly and would come put his nose up to the screen every time I got my camera out.  (Yes, I was shooting through the screen to keep the dander at bay).

Marita came and Elliot was so friendly, rubbing up and down her leg as she scratched his head and purring like a drum when she rubbed his back.  He wasn’t happy to go back in a cat carrier, but to my relief, he resisted the urge to death roll again. 

I watched as Marita and Elliot drove away, and then I called Houston bawling.

“You miss your cat?” he asked.
“YESssssssss” I cried.

Marita has sent me texts letting me know he was ok and an email saying that they named him Elliot (it was as closes as they could get to Elise) and that he calmed down and has been super friendly to everyone he meets.

She will be using my photos on the petfinder website when he is ready to be adopted.

Please check out “Hope to Homes for Cats” HERE.  And I BEG you, if you can’t adopt one of the sweet angels in need of a home, please give a donation to the wonderful charity that saved Elliot from whatever other fate may have been waiting for him.

*photos copyright polkadottedbluejay* 

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