Monday, February 10, 2014

My Achy Breaky FEET!

Long ago I used to have a dancers body… yes, I ran around in a leotard and tights most days and was completely comfortable.  Unfortunately, that is not the case any longer.  I am, however, left with some serious “I used to be a ballerina” feet.  My poor bones ache and I can no longer handle my 15 hour days in heels.  I just cannot. 

So, I am one of “those” commuters now… you know… the lady in a dress with black tights and her white socks with sneakers, power-walking to the subway station.  Sexy.

Absolutely NOT! 

This is what I have done for two years.  Commute in my sneakers and change into heels once I am in the office.  Except that I loathe changing my shoes.  On more than one occasion, I have left my sneakers on all day. Not Ok. 

So what is a girl to do?

Buy some comfy flats, of course!!!

Shauna and I were shopping before Christmas and she wanted to pick up another pair of flats from Payless Shoes – she could not praise this particular pair enough.  So two weeks ago, during the Payless “Buy One, Get One ½ Off” sale, I just could not resist getting one FOUR pairs of the same shoe in different colors. Why mess with a good thing, right? The dexflex Comfort "Claire" found HERE.

I could not choose which ones I wanted, and since I will probably wear them all the time, I figured it was a good investment (needing some affirmation here, friends).

So far, they haven’t disappointed me.  They are comfy and look darling with my slacks AND my jeans on the weekend.  Will I buy more? YES!  Will I make an appointment to see a podiatrist in 2014? (sigh) Yes.

The little “no show” socks I purchased however, were a total bust.  They work great for about 10 minutes and then slip off my heel and bunch up in the shoe.  No good.  I would advise that you skip this register purchase.

Also, my post title has caused Billy Ray Cyrus to be stuck in my head for countless hours.  Not sure if I love it or hate it.

*photos copyright polkadottedbluejay* 


  1. I hate those no show socks! And yes 4 pairs was a smart investment! And lastly do they come in solid black? I should pick up a pair for work

    1. Thanks for the affirmation, friend!!! :0) They are awesome and my little feet are so grateful.

      They do have solid black with the patent toe:

  2. The socks from Payless were horrible. But I bought a fantastic pair from Macy's! A bit pricier but a wise investment for flats! Hope your feet feel better friend.

    1. So glad it wasn't just me... I got reeled into them because they were on sale. 4/$9 and I thought they would be ok. Bummer.

  3. Oh yes! I am a firm believer in buying every color if something that works for you. I do that with pants:). Love the leopard ones!!!!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement -- I felt guilty about spending so much in one shot, but I love them so I feel justified. :0)