Friday, February 14, 2014

I Know A Secret...

I don’t drink coffee.  Never have.  Probably never will.  I just do not like the taste of it.

Now, the idea of a hot cup of coffee with a French Vanilla-ish creamer in an adorable mug while I sit curled up in a blanket beside the fireplace while it snows outside???  I can totally get on board with that idea.

Except coffee tastes nasty (to me) and I live in Southern California; where it is 82 degrees today in February!  Seriously, I think Houston and I only used his fireplace once this “winter”.  So sad.

So what's a gal to do when meeting friends for a coffee date?  What about when I crave something warm and toasty when the temperature actually dips below 60 degrees?

Hot chocolate.  Delicious hot chocolate.

I am not a big patron of Starbucks (hello, I don’t drink coffee), but on the rare occasion I meet a friend at Starbucks or have above said “craving” I abhor spending $2.50 on a cup of cocoa!  I mean, I can buy the HUGE can of cocoa mix at Target for $4.50.

Enter the Starbucks secret size:

That’s right, it is a size smaller than the “tall” – makes sense, right?

The cup is beyond adorable, the calories are significantly less, and for $1.25 I can have my cocoa without feeling robbed.    

The Short is only available for hot drinks, but they will still put whipped cream on top.

Annnd there are the calories I saved by downsizing.

So drink up my friends and don’t break the bank!

*photos copyright polkadottedbluejay* 

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