Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fun-filled Baby Weekend!

This weekend was a fun filled best friend weekend! Could there be anything greater?  I think not.

I get to be an Auntie to two new babies in 2014 -- and my sisters don't have to have any more kids. 
Shauna and Aaron are expecting their baby... GIRL in May and shared the wonderful news on Saturday. She will be named Harper Grace.

Shauna has the most petite baby bump at 22 weeks, but have no fear, Auntie Elise provides a steady stream of In n Out cheeseburgers for the mama to be!!!

Leah's baby girl, Carrie, is due in just 12 days (12 days, Leah, you can do it!) and Leah and I got to see each other Saturday night. - it may be the last time I see the baby bump, and not the actual baby!!!  and no Auntie visit would be complete without an adorable onsie in my favorite color. Leah is such a lovely wife and a wonderful planner.  She had meals planned and we went grocery shopping so she and her mom could cook all day Monday and make a few weeks worth of frozen meals for after Carrie arrives. Gold star mama to be.

Sunday after church, Houston and I drove to Long Beach to celebrate Christmas with his best friend and family. We had to practically bribe Henry to open the presents - he was much more intrigued by the boats in the harbor.  After lunch we went for a walk around Naples and the three boys couldn't have been more adorable waking hand in hand.  Yes, it's January and in California we wear short sleeve shirts and flip flops!

[be still my beating heart!]

I am so fortunate to have such wonderful friends... And I am sooo excited to see all the wonderful things (and babies) 2014 is going to bring!


  1. Yay!!! Babies:) love the name Harper Grace...how sweet! Good job sister for planning all those meals. That will be such a great help!!!!

    1. She is so smart Summer! I don't think I would have thought of that! :0)