Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Flushing Money Down The Toilet

Today was a sad day. I had to purchase toilet paper for the first time since April 2013!!!

Last year I received an awesome 18 roll sample for myself and 8 more rolls share with friends from Cottonelle, care of Crowdtap (read more HERE) and I have been living without the expense of toilet paper shopping for 9 months.  Winning!!!  I remember thinking what a funny sample and share it was, I mean... toilet paper??? but I am sooo glad I was chosen to participate.

I'm frugal, obviously, and toilet paper is just one of those things I hate to spend money on.  I mean, it is LITERALLY flushing money down the toilet.  (Right???)

So it is off to Target I go, coupons in hand.

Want to know more about Crowdtap and how I got 5 pounds worth of free toilet paper??? What about the amazon gift cards I get every month?  Click HERE or HERE to find out some more!

*photos copyright polkadottedbluejay* 


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    1. Yes!!! The first time you win a gift card or get a free sample and share is so exciting!!! Let me know if you need any help. <3