Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Baby Steps - A Stolen Mantra

I had one of "those" moments.

You know what I am talking about… When you see a picture of yourself and think: "yea, that semester of French where I did nothing but work and study really did a number to my physical well-being."

Needless to say - I did not like the picture, but I will spare you the visual.


Girls in love gain weight, it is kinda a fact - we go out to eat a lot, bake yummy desserts for the fella, and use the spare seconds we do have to be with him - time when we would have squeezed in a mini workout in the past.  Now, no need for self-deprecation... But something has got to change!

I have been eating poorly (stress) and not working out (schedule).  The other day I was literally salivating at the thought of a big bowl of broccoli - probably because my taste buds don't remember what broccoli tastes like!  Ugh.

"Not having time" is just an excuse, but for me it is also a reality. Not wanting to jump up and down in my apartment (I am a kind neighbor) is another excuse.  So is thinking that I have to work out for over an hour to make any impact!  So, I got my attitude in check, thanks to Janee at Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard HERE and have adopted her "baby steps" mantra.

It started yesterday, by bringing a delicious salad to work for lunch.  But, I chased that salad with a soda and Snickers bar by 4 o'clock.  Lame.

Baby steps. [Breathe]. Baby steps.

So today I managed to drag myself out of bed and squeeze in a mini 10 minute workout before work.  It's pretty stinking awesome and it sucks at the same time (in a good way).  I found it on Pinterest HERE and it is a butt kicker!!!

Salad for lunch (sans the Snickers) and I paid a visit to Exhilarate Fitness.  A place I used to check in at 3-4 times a week, but I haven't stepped through the doors in almost 6 months (and I can tell). I miss my fit family!

An hour and a half of dancing around like a maniac, three bottles of water and some serious muscle cramps and I could check off a fun workout for the day! (Don't judge me, I am still making lists despite my 2014 post HERE - that's all about baby steps too).

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