Friday, December 27, 2013

Peppermint Pretzels

Way back in 2008, my sister Emily arrived at Trevor’s birthday party with the most wonderful and delicious Christmas candies I had ever consumed!!! 

“I must know how to make these!!!”  I yelled with a mouth full of chocolate coated pretzels!

And so, for the last five years at Christmas time, I have made batch after batch of delicious Peppermint Pretzels! My co-workers demand them and even provide funding for these delicious treats.

Without further ado,  the method to making perfect Peppermint Pretzels!

Start by thoroughly washing your hands (nobody likes germs on their Christmas snacks) and start unwrapping a TON of the Hershey’s Candy Cane Kisses. 

When I say a ton, I literally mean a TON.  When you think you have enough, unwrap another bag. 

Be careful not to get the aluminum from the wrapper in the bowl of unwrapped kisses… this will end up melting in the oven and someone will inevitably bite into it. (I usually keep a bowl for the unwrapped kisses and a separate bowl for the wrappers).

Now that you have watched a movie or two and your fingertips smell like peppermint, turn your oven on and break out the cookie sheets! A lot of the time I make these while I am also baking cookies, so my oven is already hot and around 350 degrees.

Line up bite size pretzels on the cookie sheet, making sure none of them overlap.  I use Rold Gold pretzels. 

I have used the “store brands” and tried other brands too, but I finally decided I don't care how much they cost; the Rold Gold pretzels taste the best!!!

Each pretzel then gets a kiss placed in the middle.  Cute, right?

Don’t be a klutz like me and rattle the cookie sheet on your way to the oven… they end up melting on the cookie sheet and making a mess!

Leave the cookie sheet in the oven until the kisses start to melt and look glossy – they will still hold the kisses shape, so don’t let them get too hot, or the tops will start to burn.

Remove the sheet from the oven and IMMEDIATELY push a Christmas M&M on top.  This makes the kiss melt over the rest of the pretzel. Yum.

I usually wait a minute or two for the cookie sheet to return to room temperature, and then I stick the whole pan in my freezer to let the candy harden.  I have tried skipping this step and just letting them sit at room temperature, but they stay too gooey and are terribly difficult to package.  Putting the sheet in the freezer for ten minutes or so makes the whole process so much easier!

Ta-da!  Delicious and festive Peppermint Pretzels.

Merry Christmas, everyone! 

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