Friday, December 6, 2013

Look Ma, We're On TV! - Anniversary Edition

Last month, Houston and I celebrated our one year dating anniversary – crazy, I know!  Time really does fly by when you’re having fun.  Case and point: My blog post is a month behind.  Ugh.

Since our actual anniversary fell on a Monday and we both had to work and I had class until eight o’clock, we decided we would both take the day off on Friday to celebrate.  I ordered tickets to see a taping of the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson – and Houston and I drove to the CBS studios in LA to participate.  We actually saw a double taping. It was fun and exhausting – my throat was raw from yelling and my hands were bright red from clapping.  Look look, we were on TV!   

Tickets are available through 1iota tickets  - HERE.  They  also provide the tickets for The Voice, Jimmy Kimmel, The Queen Latifah Show, and some other East Coast tapings.  The site is super easy, just sign up and request tickets.  Then you will be on the waitlist and eventually receive an email when you can claim them; confirm you still want them and print!  Easy peasy!  The website encourages you to only confirm tickets if you are actually going to show up – you don’t show up, they have empty seats to fill and you probably won’t be able to get tickets in the future. 

So we had a fun day together and it was relatively inexpensive; we had to pay for parking at The Grove and gas to get to LA, but I think that is pretty reasonable for a couple hours of fun entertainment.

After the show we walked around the Farmer’s Market located next to The Grove [click link HERE and let the page load for a minute].  Seriously, if you ever go shopping out there, skip the lame Cheesecake Factory and all the other chain restaurants and get some delicious food from one of the vendors in the Farmer’s Market.  Houston and I got cheeseburgers from Charlie’s Coffee Shop. Wow. Wow. WOW!  Houston was in burger heaven.  I love that we find so much joy in just being together and eating a great cheeseburger.

[Seriously, look at that thing!]

There was so many amazing booths at the Farmer’s Market – a meat counter serving up Harris Ranch Beef, which is only USDA Prime (wowza), an ice cream stand with $7 milkshakes (we didn’t get one, but man they looked good), a shop of hot sauce (yes, an entire store of hot sauce), and a super cute French grocery store.  Bonjour!  

Ok, so now for the cheesy part:

I am so very lucky to have this man I call mine.  He is intelligent and creative and most of all he makes me feel wanted and cherished – that is kinda a big deal.  It has been a wild first year together, full of vacations, busy weekends, life changes and growth.  He loves me despite the fact that I just do not love seafood (bizarre, I know) and that I have absolutely no idea what he is talking about when he talks about computers with me.  He brings out the best in me, and he politely disregards when I am behaving less like a lady and more like a crazy person (this lady needs sleep and turns into a monster when sleep deprived).  He is handsome and funny and I love him dearly.  Here’s to many more wonderful years together, Houston, my love. 


  1. Awwww you are so sweet!!!!! David and I just had our 2yr anniversary, but I'm not cute enough to blog hahahaha ♡ love you friend and happy anniversary!!!!

    1. Wow! 2 years already??? Time flies. Congrats to you too!