Saturday, November 30, 2013

Well hello there...

What a whirlwind 15 weeks this semester has been!  I have just finished recovering from a belly full of turkey and I am currently enjoying not having to work or attend class for a whole 3 days!  Hallelujah!

So what was the biggest news that happened in the last 60 days? 

I applied and was accepted to CBU!  

I looked into applying elsewhere, but all signs pointed back to CBU and after a bunch of praying, I called and began the enrollment process.  I start class on January 6th.  It is going to be a pretty big challenge, but then again, no one ever achieved greatness by taking the easy way out.  Graduating in 2016 sounds like a lifetime away right now, but I am sure the time will fly by and be over before I know it.

Houston and I still managed to squeeze in some fun activities in between my studying and our work schedules:

Neither of us had ever been to the LA County Fair, so we went. We ate. We ate some more.  Yes, the maple bacon donut is artery clogging deliciousness.

We went to see the Dodgers play one last time before they headed into the World Series – too bad they couldn’t pull it together and win it!

We finally used the tickets to Catalina from Valentine’s Day.  It was a lovely day just walking around together and exploring Catalina.  We played mini golf and had a delicious lunch, but my favorite thing was standing on the end of the pier watching a HUGE pelican beg for scraps from the fishermen. 
Suggestions: take the Catalina Express from Long Beach, it has more departure times than the one from Newport.

We drove down to San Diego the weekend before Halloween and went to an amazing pumpkin patch with the Wilsons! – Seriously, this place rivals Oak Glen.  Bates Nut Farm had a tractor ride, petting zoo, bounce house, a complete row of junk food booths (cotton candy, lemonades, kettle corn, etc.)… it was awesome, and it was so much fun to see Henry run around exploring! I took the opportunity to practice using the DSLR with some help from Houston – I still have a lot to learn about the settings.

We carved pumpkins [Houston carved ours, and I took photos] back at the Wilsons.  I know San Diego is only two hours away, but I sure wish we all lived closer to each other.  I just adore Henry – his giggles are infectious. 

Leah and Justin joined us on Halloween to pass out the 50 pounds of candy I had purchased.  LITERALLY, $100 worth of candy – I only paid $40 with my coupons, of course.  Because Metrolink was running late (as usual) most of the kids had already hit up the neighborhood before we got home and we had WAY more candy than we needed... We were yelling on the street “Candy, we have more candy!!!” 

I had the great opportunity to take photos at Leah’s baby shower.  Leah looked absolutely beautiful and her baby bump was darling.  I had a blast taking pictures at her sister Summer’s house, even if it was challenging – her beautiful home is mid-century modern and has a window on practically every wall – talk about shadows and weird lighting.  The party was beautifully decorated by Summer and Karon (Leah’s sister and mom). Here is the link to Summer’s blog post for the other party details.  I have always loved taking pictures; there was a time in my life when I would save all of my allowance money to pay for film and developing (ha! Yes, I am that old) and my heart burst with joy when I saw some of the pictures from the shower on my computer.  I’m no professional, but I think this will be a hobby I always love.

More updates to come later... My French final is in 12 days, to be finished will be très incroyable!