Thursday, September 19, 2013

Life Lately - Estero, Florida and California

Can someone please hit the pause button for a second?

Needless to say… life has been a little busy.

So here is what is up:

I am taking my foreign language course at RCC with the hope of transferring to CBU in January 2014 (more on that in a second).  I am finally taking French again, 13 years (yikes) after taking it in high school.  I am one step closer to having my dream vacation come true – go off the beaten tourist path in France and stay at little B&B’s and enjoy a “tasse de chocolat” and a croissant in the morning.  However, this means I must endure the MASSIVE undertaking of working full time, commuting to LA twice a week (hello 15 hour days – I hate you), attending class on campus twice a week, logging 1.5 hours in the campus lab weekly and managing the additional 6+ hours of online coursework.  5 units, sixteen weeks… let me know when it is Christmas and I can breathe again.

The week school started (three weeks ago) was super busy. 

For starters, I went back to school… Enough said.

We went to a birthday party for Houston’s nephew Henry – the sweet fella HATED his birthday cake… his parents had to put pieces of fruit in the frosting to get him to eat it! [Parenting gold star! – They sure are doing something right with that organic diet!] From San Diego we drove straight to LAX. 

Yep… another red-eye flight and I barely slept a wink. – But that was ok… there was a relaxing Florida vacation to be had!  Houston was “Mr. Fix-it” all week, and I provided coupons for shopping (glad I was good for something).  We ate at a bunch of hole-in-the-wall restaurants, with great food and even better happy hour prices!!!

We spent an entire afternoon just lying on the beach and enjoying the sunshine.  We had the beach completely to ourselves until noon – when two elderly couples joined us and we instantly became friends – I love cute old couples.

The thunderstorms were my favorite.  I could have sat in the kitchen and listened to them all week long.  We even saw a waterspout that made the local news… apparently they are not common in the Fort Meyers area.

I also got a LOT of study time in while Houston fixed ceiling fans, garbage disposals, light switches, cable boxes, Internet connections and a billion other things.  It was crummy to have to do homework on vacation… but it was nice to be leisurely about it and not trying to cram at the end of the work day – can I get an Amen???

Before I knew it, it was time to come home and I hadn't nearly had enough time at the pool, beach or just sleeping in.  Vacations fly by much too quickly.

After a mid-day birthday party for Dustin on Sunday, it was back to the grind on Monday and the tornado that is now my weekly schedule.  Blaaaaaahhhhh!!!!

To sum up last week:  I studied, I cried, I studied, I slept (a little), I studied some more and then the weekend finally came and I still had studying to do!!! 

Houston and I participated in my apartment’s yard sale and made almost $100, but more importantly, we got rid of a TON of stuff – and what we didn't sell went to Goodwill.

The rest of the weekend went like “normal” – church, errands, Costco, etc.

We also organized the pantry – whooo hooo!!! There is nothing like a little organizing to pacify my OCD.  Houston is a champ to allow me to be so compulsive – he just laughs and asks what he can do to help.

*** Ok, so CBU – I have been prayerfully considering applying for the CBU online program and working towards a BA in Public Relations.  I have ordered my transcripts from RCC and will be applying as soon as they arrive.  What does this mean? 
1.  I could potentially have my bachelor’s degree in less than two years.  The online program operates on 8 week classes, entirely online.
2.  I will have to work REALLY hard in each class… 8 weeks isn't a whole lot of time to cover a college course.
3.  I am freaking out. – New challenges freak me out.
4.  I am dating the most wonderful and unselfish man… he may only get to see me once a week once that endeavor begins.
5.  I’m excited… I may be 32 when I graduate, but 10 years late is better than never.

Pray with me about it?

In light of all the nonsense above, I have deleted the Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest apps from my phone (no friends, pictures or crafts??? I die.) in the hope of better utilizing my time this semester…and avoiding the urge to log in as soon as I get home.  Ugh.


That means the blog too.  :0(

Sure, I may break my own rule and post something now and again, but right now it is crunch time.  So forgive me, my darling dozen or so readers (ha!), au revoir for now.

À bientôt mon amis!

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  1. It will all be worth it. I am excited for you. I will pray for strength and rest:). I love how determined you are. You go girl!