Friday, August 16, 2013


I love this blog.  I love showing off my cute craft projects (I'm so proud of my pin statistics on Pinterest -- maybe a little too proud?) and keeping a digital journal of all the travels/adventures Houston and I enjoy.

Would I want this to turn into a blog that people love to read?  Of course!!! (It would be freaking awesome to have this as a part time gig). Do I have an inspiring story to tell?  Nope.  A crazy-awesome talent? nu-uh.  So why does anyone reads this??? I have no idea, but I am glad you do!!! - If anything, it saves me some time -- re-telling vacation stories can get quite repetitive.

Jessica has her chalkboards and adorable baby, Yasi has fashion like a boss, and all my girlfriends seem to have a "thing" of some sort.  So what is my "thing"?  The truth is, I just enjoy writing (it is the best way for me to blow off some steam) and REALLY enjoy knowing that someone has read it.

On the downside, it apparently gives people a lot to talk about. - I am a talkative person, but this is the wrong kind of talk... if you catch my drift.

I do not like being a phony and I'm not about to start being one now, so if you don't like what I post, feel free to ignore my blog.  I would rather have no one read it than a bunch of busy-bodies.

[rant over]

And now.  Back to the antics -

I have decided I really want to learn how to sew.  Well, really I just want to be able to sew adorable paper garlands like {this} - but I figure I should be able to figure out how to hem a pair of pants while I am at it [thank you, youtube].  I picked up the EZ Sew machine from Joann a week ago when it was on sale for $24. Win!

I will let you know how it goes... I have high hopes, but my sewing skills are currently limited to repairing buttons and adding elastic and ribbons to ballet shoes. [ha!!!]

Remember how I said my Etsy shop was closed? - I have had the serious urge to re-open it with some items.  I have been praying about whether to jump in but I haven't yet decided.

Goooooo Blue!!! Houston, JR and I went to a Dodgers game on Friday night after work.  Those boys are like a comedy show - the poor guy sitting in front of us was trying so hard not to crack up.  The Dodgers won (barely) and it was a great start to the weekend. 

Houston's baseball game was cancelled this past weekend and threw off our Sunday "plans" - I am a list maker, and a sudden detour generally results in a LONG nap, which is fine with me.


  1. I love your blog. I totally understand not having a "thing" but just really enjoying writing. Although I think you are very talented!!! A few girls were talking about taking some sewing classes...I will let you know if we do. Keep on bloggin':)

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Summer. <3

      Yes, please let me know about sewing. I'm trying to think happy thoughts, but I am afraid I am going to fail miserably. Lol