Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What We Did Last Weekend - Golfing & Gru

I'll spare you the sob story about how I had to spend my Friday night doing homework.  - I'm afraid it is just going to be that way for a while.

Saturday morning: with homework and exams finished, I was free to spend the weekend having fun in San Diego with Houston!!!

We stopped for breakfast at Farmer Boys (ps the sunrise sandwich is AMAZING!) and then we were on our way to San Diego to spend the day with the Wilsons!

[photo credit: Press Enterprise - I ate mine before I thought to take a picture.]

We spent a good hour playing on the floor with baby Henry - seriously, he is so stinking adorable... You know a kid is cute when four adults can sit and just watch him pick up a ball for hours on end.

We went to the driving range where Sharonna tried golfing - she was killing it and driving further than me!!!  Houston and I tried changing my grip, and when I found one I liked, I starting beating the crap out of those golf balls! - golfing is quite fun when you are actually able to hit the ball farther than 10 feet!  I probably got a little too excited, and hit more balls than I should have - because I was barely able to move on Sunday morning (my shoulders were sooo sore).

Later in the day we went to the D'Angelo's for delicious BBQ and drinks... Homemade mojitos that packed a punch for this lightweight!!! Yum.

After dinner, we played Apples to Apples and I DOMINATED. Yessss. [although I may have hurt my chances at being invited back to San Diego!]

Sunday brunch was at the Broken Yolk in Point Loma - where I totally over ordered and wasn't able to finish my omelette/toast/hash browns.  -yikes their portions are HUGE. And Sharonna's parents ended up pulling into the parking lot and joined us as well. 

My favorite thing??? Watching Henry hold onto Houston's finger while we drove around town.  [be still my child craving heart.  Be still!!!] Precious.

After a little more visiting (which basically means we all stood around watching Henry) - we headed back to the Inland Empire. Blegh. It was 75 degrees in San Diego and 95 degrees in Moreno Valley. Killing my electricity bill.  

An impromptu trip to Costco, and we had movie tickets to see Despicable Me 2. - Houston and I had just recently watched the first movie, and we both think the minions are hilarious.  Despicable Me 2 did not disappoint!  - I love a good movie that makes me laugh and has good "heart". In fact, I wouldn't be opposed to seeing it again when it goes to the cheap Regency Theater (seriously, a movie for $3 is freaking awesome).  

"We're going to steal (pause for effect), THE MOON!!!"

And now it's Wednesday. I've made it over the half week hump AND the caffeine headache hump - I splurged last week and had one soda everyday Thursday thru Sunday.  Holy moley I feel like I'm going to die when I do this to myself.  - it is sooo not worth it.  


  1. I love going to driving ranges myself to perfect my swing, so I understand your excitement in getting those golf balls to fly. You probably need help with your form to avoid any shoulder pain though. Any plans for another golfing weekend?

    1. Damaris - Houston and I would love to make a habit of hitting the driving range on Sundays after church, but the Inland Empire is so stinking hot!!! I'm sure there will be lots of golfing in the fall. :0)