Monday, July 15, 2013

What We Did Last Weekend - Closets & Cheesecake Factory

I used my noggin this week and took my exam for sociology on my lunch break on Friday.  Bad, because I didn't get to go it with Houston for lunch like we had planned, but good, because then I didn't have to worry about taking it in the evening.  The weekend homework free!!!

Houston and I had planned on just watching a movie Friday night and being totally lazy - the week at work was uber stressful for me (expecting more of the same this week) and "doing nothing" sounded delightful.  But. I finally was able to chat with Shauna (we had been playing phone/text tag for a week) and the Kecks were home and available to hang out.  

So, I tried to perk up my makeup and we headed to Corona. I can't believe we get from Eastvale to the Kecks in about 15 minutes.  *awesome!!!*

A dinner of champions was had on our way -- That's what a hamburger's all about! 

We spent the evening just sitting enjoying mojitos and beer (thank you bartender Aaron)... Literally, we sat at the table and talked for 4 hours.  I love my friends. It is hilarious to watch the four of us talk; we will all be talking together and before you know it, Shauna and I are talking about scrapbooking and coupons and the guys are talking about Texas and cowboy boots. [We love our rednecks].

Saturday was the second day of what I have officially deemed the "Yours to Ours Transition."  Houston has very graciously allowed me to indulge my OCD in his house and I can't help but make space for me in what will someday be our shared home.  HOORAY!!!  SO.MUCH.FUN! I am thinking I may need this shredder, I overheated the small one at the house a half dozen times (I love shredding).  The biggest project was changing out all the hangers in Houston's closet to white ones and "building" shelving for all our shoes.  Houston found this shelving rack at Costco for only $29.99!!!  We got three of them and then made each one have six shelves instead of four.  And by "we", I mean that Houston did it and I just smiled and told him it looked nice.  Houston measured the height (he is handy and so sexy) and then used a hacksaw to cut the rack to size - seriously so cool.

Once we got the racks upstairs, the shoe boxes went in and voila!  More closet space!!!  Houston was so excited; he really doesn't think we could have purchased supplies and built anything that would be even close to the quality of the shelving -- I trust his handyman judgment.

We took an afternoon break and watched an All Stars baseball game in Corona.  J.R.'s son Kaleb was playing and Houston promised we would go.

It was a great game, but OMGoodness, it was HOT!  Nothing could save us from the 95 degree heat (sitting on metal bleachers); not shade, water or even big sticks (seriously, it tastes just like elementary school).

Sunday was an opportunity to get to see Brittany, and we got pedicures and lunch at the Cheesecake Factory at the Tyler mall.  Life is just too busy lately and entirely too much time passes between my visits with Mrs. Zumwalt. [I totally called her Brittany Atterbury at lunch... I immediately corrected myself, but name changes are always difficult to get into my brain - oopsie].

[Excuse my poor posture - how frumpy of me!  yikes.] 
I have been trying not to put my hand on my hip in pictures, and they keep turning out like this... totally awkward.  I'm bringing the hip-hand back ASAP.

Houston was at a baseball practice/scrimmage, so I headed home to work on homework for the upcoming week... I have to get ahead, we are getting ready for a vacation!!!

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